Being Mommy

Annabelle Gerard, or Anna Bee as the boys call her, is the stylist of One Direction. Her & the boys were like, brothers & sister. But when things get busy, and the boys get really famous, the pressure to keep the boys in line is getting more & more harsh on Anna. This is what its like Being Mommy.


1. Time To Wake Up!

Annabelle's P.O.V.

I quietly creep into the boys hotel room. Slipping the plastic card-key into my jean shorts, I tiptoe into Harry&Louis' room first. I know how Harry sleeps, & that's without clothes, so I'm cautious not to have the blankets fall off of him. I brush his curls out of his face and kiss his forehead. 

"G'morning Curly." I whisper, and then when he smacks my hand off his blankets, I smack him upside the head. 

"OW?" He says raspily, his morning voice cracking quite a bit. 

"Mhmm. That's what I thought too, eh Curly? Next time you'll wake up the first time I tell you to." I smirk and he rolls his eyes at me, but he's awake now. 

"Take cover Anna Bee." He says, and I cover my eyes with my hands, locking my fingers so I can't see anything but darkness. Its a ritual ever since I'd have to wake him up. He says 'take cover', and I cover my eyes until..

"Cover taken." He says, and I let go of my face, revealing a Harry with boxer shorts on. 

"Oh really Curly? You're gonna go out with just boxers on? Not on your stylists watch." I smile, rolling my eyes. Harry inches towards Lou's face but I smack his hand. 

"Nuh-uh, its my job to wake him up." I say, and slip past Harry, and onto Louis' side. 

"Wakey wakey, Lou!" I say, kissing his forehead. His eyes slip open and he smiles at me. 

"WHOA, you woke him up first try?!" Harry squeals, and I hush him. 

"That is my job?" I say, and then exit the boys' room. I head over to Niall, Zayn & Liam's room. With just the click of the door, Liam wakes up. 

"Morning Anna Bee." He smiles, getting up from the bed. Niall is sleeping on a separate bed then Zayn & Liam, so I head over there first. 

"Morning Li." I whisper. And then I get to waking Niall up. 

"Ni, wake up boo." I say, and he doesn't budge. "We're going out to Nando's for dome brekky." And he immediately jolts out of bed. 

"I'm up!" He laughs, and I go over to Zayn. I lift his bangs and lightly kiss his forehead. 

"Morning Zayny Poo!" I laugh as his eyelids flutter open. He smiles. 

"Morning Anna Bee." He laughs, and my job for this morning is finally done, now its just getting them to be good. All. Day. Long.

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