How You Killed Me

A boy named Kreg,falls in love with a girl when he just turned to grade 10.


3. You Killed Me


                                          The next day,after school Jezz brought a boy with her.She said she needed to talk to

                           me privetley."This is my last day with you."She whispered.I had asked why and she said "That boy

                          said,if your still alive he will kill me.He said if your dead i'm okay.We just can't see each other anymore.

                          He said if we ever do see each other and your still alive he will kill me.He loves me to."I asked Jezz if she

                         has her pocket knife.She handed  it  to me.I stabbed myself and she gasped.She cried really loud and 

                        the boy that liked her too came rushing over and smiled."Why did you do that!"Jezz yelled at me.

                       I started to tell her "I don't want you to die,but I want you to live."I kissed him one more time and I said 





                         Kreg's feelings:I didn't want to die,but I had to choose my love or my life.But I knew I had to do the right

                        thing.Protect my love.Even though I don't want her to be with the mean boy I want her to be safe.

                        Jezz's feelings:He stabbed himself to save me.I will remember him forever.He was the only one that didn't 

                        lie to me just to get my money.He really loved me.I will love him forever.                          





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