How You Killed Me

A boy named Kreg,falls in love with a girl when he just turned to grade 10.


2. The Date


                               It was 2 months and I didn't even talk to her.I had to say something so I went up

                 to her and said hi."Hi."I said."What are you drawing?".She showed it to me and it looked like me and her

                 kissing.I looked to her and she smiled.I smiled back and I said"I like you too.A lot."I made a smile with teeth.

                 I asked her if she wanted to date me.She wrote yes on her notepad/sketchpad.So we dated and another boy

                  that was older started to tease us.I looked at my girlfriend and we just walked away."I forgot,what is your

                  name?"I said.She started to talk."Jezz."I started to giggle.She giggled with me.It was lunch time and on

                 the way to the cafeteria we passed my friends.They used to be my friends.They still wouldn't forgive me.

                 Then Jezz needed to go to the washroom.I waited outside of the door.She came out 2 minutes later.

                 Then we both hung out after school.We went to a restaurant (Le Chef a Cook).It was getting dark so I walked

                Jezz home.We kissed each other goodbye and we said I love you.When I got home my parents were really

               angry.They asked "where were you?"I told them "I was at the . . .park with my . . . . . friends."My mom got

               curious and said "That's wierd.I called Nala and Teemo,they said you weren't at the park and they were at

               at a restaurant (Le Chef a Cook),and they saw you with a girl."I just ran upstairs.              

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