How You Killed Me

A boy named Kreg,falls in love with a girl when he just turned to grade 10.


1. How I Met You


                                        "Wake up Kreg!"My mom called."Your going to be late for your new school year!"

                                      My mom kept saying.I fell of my bed as I tried to get up.I felt the coldness as I got up from

                      the floor.Then I felt something crawling up my foot.I screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"  

                     My mom ran up and came to my room with a baseball bat and a knife."Are you okay."My mom said.

                        "It was just a spider.I'm fine."I said.My mom just turned around got out of my room,said to get ready 

                 and closed the door.I felt scared and I just got ready.I only had 2 minutes to get to school.

                     It's a good thing I live right next to my school.I got to school right on time.Since I was 14 years old,I get    

                  to go to places with my friends without my parents.When I got to my class I saw this super hot girl.There 

         was a seat next to her.I looked to the corner and I saw  an empty seat next to my friends.The teacher came

       in and  said "please sit down."I had to pick.My future wife(MAYBE) or my friends.Future wife it is.I sat down 

         right beside the cute girl.When it was recess,I stared at her drawing.My friends were mad at me because

         I didn't sit with them.I tried to apologize but they wouldn't budge.It was time to go home and my friends wouldn't  

       even look at me.

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