Summertime Sadness

5 sisters, 5 problems, one suicide attempt, 1000 books, no help.


3. The Argument


After tea, the sisters gathered into Pandora’s room. They watched her pull on a large woolly jumper and grab a bag. She opened the window silently. “Please, could you just cover for me tonight” She whispered. “I’m begging you. I’m meeting up with Blake. I promise I’ll be back by morning.”

Tavi sighed. “Do we have to?” She asked.



“And what if you aren’t back by morning? What if mother finds out? What happens then?” Indigo asked with her matter-of-factly voice. She smirked as Pansie tried to develop an answer.

“She won’t, it’s fine. I promise you I’ll be back by sunrise. I promise,” She held out her pinkie finger and linked it in turn with each of the girls. “And if mum does, tell her you didn’t know.”

“Whatever, just go. Have a fun time,” Tavi said as we left the room.

“See ya, Pansie,” Said Echo.

“It’s Pandora. Bye,” Pansie said as she climbed out of the window. She climbed down the large vine that travelled up the house. She hit the floor with a small thump and silently treaded onto the gravel and made her way down the path.

The rest of the sisters walked into Tavi and Indigo’s room. They sat cross legged in the centre of it. Tavi opened up her large wooden cupboard and shuffled through many boxes and board games. They sat impatiently on the floor waiting for Tavi to get what she wanted down from the cupboard. Echo suddenly sparked up an idea “Wait here, I’m just going to get something.” She crept out of the room and into Pandora’s. She grabbed as many candles as she good and found a small box of matches tucked away at the back of a tall shelf. She took the candles and matches back into their room. As she had suspected, Tavi was setting up a Ouija board, with Scrabble as a decoy in case their parents walked in.

“Here,” Echo said, passing the candles to her.

“Good idea!” She smiled; she circled them around the board and lit them one by one. She turned off the lights and the atmosphere suddenly turned scary. “Okay, if we all cross our legs and have our knees touching, this should work.” They all shuffled into position. “Now, put two fingers onto the planchette, we can talk to the spirits,” She whispered spookily, making us laugh. The Ouija board was a rectangular wooden board, with black, fancy writing written on the front. Drawings of the sun and moon were on either side of the board. Just as we were about to get started asking some questions, we heard footprints hitting the stairs. “Quick!” Tavi said, picking up the Ouija board, and putting down the scrabble one as the girls tried to speedily make some words to add on the board. The handle rattled and the door opened and they flustered to blow out the candles and turn on the lights. Coral shoved the candles under a bed.

The door opened. “Ah, here you all are. Where’s Pandora? Blake is on the phone,” Their mother held the phone to her chest, pointing at it. The sisters looked at each other not knowing what to do. Why was Blake on the phone?

“Uh, she’s in the toilet,” Indigo said brightly.

“Oh, okay dear, I’ll just go and tell her.” Mrs Hawkins said, beginning to turn and walk out of the room.

“NO!” Echo said a bit too loudly.

“I’m sorry?” Their mother looked confused.

“Um, what she meant is, Pansie is feeling a bit ill. She’s been in the toilet for a while?” Indigo shrugged her shoulders unsurely.

“Oh no, I better go and see her,” Mrs Hawkins worriedly ran out of the room.

“Way to go, Indigo” Coral said.

“What are we meant to do now?” Echo sounded worried.

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

The sisters heard their mother gasp as she sat patiently in Pandora’s room, waiting for Pansie to appear from the window. Blake must have never turned up, since he was on the phone. “And where on earth have you been young lady!?” They heard their mother scream.

“I, uh, fell out of the window?” Pansie bit her lip. The girls listened from the hall, trying to muffle their giggles from Pansies’ idiotic response.

“Do you think I am stupid?”

“Of course not.”

“So what were you doing at one o’ clock in the morning OUT OF THE WINDOW?” Their mother was getting more and more noisy.

“I’m sorry, mum. I was going for a walk.” She hung her head in shame.

“Well that isn’t what your sisters told me!” The sisters looked at each other in fright and realised what was soon to come. They ran into Indigo’s room and shut the door quietly. They knew that as soon as mother was finished with Pansie, Pansie would come and have a go at them. The shouting seemed to go on endlessly as they sat on the two beds of the room. Coral was reading, and trying to ignore everything around her. The others were playing catch with a small pillow, silently and trying not to bring any attention to themselves. Suddenly the shouting had stopped. A door was slammed, and soon after it was opened. The thudding on the floor landing became louder and then the door of their room was wildly opened by Pansie. “WHY THE HELL DID YOU TELL HER!” she screamed as she walked up to us, standing tall. “BLAKE WASN’T EVEN THERE! HE NEVER EVEN CAME!”

“We had no choice,” Coral was scowling at her sister. Her glare was angry and she didn’t stop it.

“What would you say we should have done?” Indigo fiercely whispered.

“I don’t know, maybe make up an excuse? Say I was in the toilet or something? You are all so terribly stupid sometimes!”

“You aren’t our mother. You can’t tell us what to do, nor tell us off! The world doesn’t revolve around you, and you have no reason to think it does!” Tavi shouted. She was fluming and you could easily see it. She hated that Pansie only got away with a telling off, whereas if it was here, she would have been grounded.

“Well sorry, miss know-it-all. You aren’t better than us all, you know!” Pansie yelled back. “So whose side are the rest of you on?” She aimed her question at Coral and Echo, because Indigo was blatantly on Tavi’s ‘side’.

“We don’t take sides, Pansie. We aren’t as childish as you.”

“Ugh!” Pansie stormed out of the room and they heard her door slam.

“You know, Coral sometimes you need to stand up for yourself I’m not going to do all of your talking!” Echo hissed. Pansie had started a fight amongst every sister.

“Don’t be so ignorant, Echo! You’re never usually like this!” Indigo said.

“Well I am now. So you better get used to it.” Echo left the room in defiance. Coral got up and left too, wishing she didn’t have to. Indigo and Octavia sat in silence.

Each sister was left to their own resources. Without anyone to talk to, the house became silent. The lights were turned off, and the sisters slept until morning. The following morning, the girls didn’t say a word to each other, unless it was “Could you pass me the milk,” or something along the lines of that. They walked to school in silence, trailing behind one another. Days turned into weeks, and the girls sat with their friends and only talked to each other in front of their parents. Although, each sister had the same thought; it was going to be like this forever. They began to move away from each other, making new friends and having new interests in new things. The only time they talked was in front of their parents, to pretend that everything was okay.

One evening, Coral and Echo were in their room getting ready for bed. The both quietly chose a book from their shelf and sat in bed and began to read. Little did they know that their youngest sister was spying on them, as usual. They both got into bed and started to read, when Echo lied on her side and said, “I miss our chats.”

“Me too,” Coral huffed, rolling to her side also, facing Echo. “Can’t we just make up?”

“Please,” Echo smiled. They shook hands, like they watched their father do in meetings and parties. As their hands touched, Corals’ sleeve rolled up slightly, revealing long, red scars. “What are they?” Echo panicked. Indigo tried not to gasp as she watched them.

“Oh, nothing, nothing,” Coral said, pulling down her sleeve, and deliberately not meeting Echo’s gaze. “You didn’t do them to yourself, did you?”

“Please don’t tell anyone,” What was she supposed to say?

“I won’t. Just please don’t do it again.”



“Promise,” Coral had her fingers crossed behind her back. Echo turned out the lights and they both went to sleep. Indigo snuck back into her room, wishing that she hadn’t heard a thing. She gets bullied, Coral cuts herself and who knows what the other sisters do. She couldn’t help but think, how they had all turned out to be such wrecks.

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