Summertime Sadness

5 sisters, 5 problems, one suicide attempt, 1000 books, no help.


6. Reunited


Mr and Mrs Hawkins left the ward as the four sisters walked in. Indigo had a large purple bruise on her left eye from when Shaun had punched her earlier. The four of them kneeled down by Corals bed. Echo smiled faintly, sadness in her eyes. She hated seeing her sister like this. Coral had two white, thick bandages on each of her wrists. Pandora reached out and held her hands, her eyes red and puffy from her crying.

“I’m sorry,” Pansie said. Her voice was breaking, as if she was going to cry. “I should have paid more attention. We all should have. This is all my fault.” She hung her head as if in shame.

“Don’t be, you have no need to be,” Coral tightened her grip on her sisters hand. The sisters were all connected; Tavi was holding Pansies’ shoulders, and Indigo was edging behind Tavi, holding her hand. Echo was silent, and plaiting Corals hair, sitting on Pansies lap.

“If you don’t mind me saying, I think we are all to blame,” Tavi sighed deeply. They all knew she was right.

“I’ve missed you,” Coral smiled.

“Me two.”

“Me three,” Cried Pansie.

“Me four,” Indigo said.

“Me five,” Echo whispered. The girls laughed together. None of them needed to speak aloud to know that they were never going to argue again. The Hawkins’ sisters all sat around Coral, laughing and chatting. The atmosphere around them was serene and beautiful. Each girl was so terribly different from the others; which made them all so similar and made them realise, that never were they ever going to find anyone better than their own sisters.

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