Summertime Sadness

5 sisters, 5 problems, one suicide attempt, 1000 books, no help.


4. Disaster


Pandora walked out of school and waited by the corner for her boyfriend, Blake Pederson. She saw him walking across the road and smile as he saw her. He took her by the waist and whispered, “Hi gorgeous,” and laughed as Pansie tiptoed up to kiss his lips. They held hands as they walked down the path and into the park. No one knew how Blake and Pansie had met, or what they had said to each other, or whether the attraction was mutual. No boy was ever so cool and aloof. Every girl, along with their mothers, had fallen in love with Blake Pederson. Their desire was silent yet magnificent, and it was quite hard not to see the many notes dropped through his locker. Blake Pederson had emerged from baby fat to the delight of girls and women alike, and many people had been slow to recognize his transformation.

Although apparently he wasn’t all he seemed, Blake Pederson. As they walked through the park, he got a text, which Pansie read over his shoulder. To find that it was from another girl in the school, Bridgett. She was possibly the most popular girl in their school and apparently going out with Pederson. Pansie was fuming. She grabbed Blake’s phone and scanned through the messages. There were so many. She realised, Blake had cheated. He’d lied. She screamed and shouted names at Blake until she had no energy left and simply ran home to cry on her bed. A bit silly, she thought, to cry over a boy.

Within all of the drama after school, Coral decided to walk home alone instead of catching the bus, and silently treaded up the stairs. Because Pansie was in such a state, she crept past her bedroom and into the bathroom without anybody noticing. From what she could recall that had been said that morning was her parents were at work, Echo was in a meeting and Tavi and Indigo were at music practice. Perfect, she thought, I can do this quickly, without anybody knowing.

Coral turned on both taps to a speed which would fill the bath up quickly, but not make too much noise for Pansie to realise that the water was running. She grabbed her father’s razor and undressed, settling into the bath. She had been unhappy for a long time, but hadn’t realised it up until The Argument. She wished it had never happened. Coral couldn’t even remember why she was so depressed sometimes. She washed, and began to talk to herself, calmly.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Was all she said.

Whilst Pandora was crying over a boy, it seemed as though Indigo and Octavia were having more significant problems. Still in the school, the two girls were about to head home from an afterschool music practice, in silence. They had no choice but to walk with each other, although they hadn’t much to say anymore. They saw Shaun and his gang emerging from around the corner. Of course, Tavi didn’t really know what Indigo was going through with the bullying, and only knew parts of it. But she was about to find out what really happens. The gang walked further towards the two girls, boldly and loudly.

“Well look who it is,” He started. “Indigo the freak and one of her freakish sisters,”

“Original,” Tavi whispered under her breath.

“Huh? What was that?” Shaun laughed.

“Nothing,” She said. Shaun began to edge closer and closer to Indigo, until his face was almost touching hers. Indigo didn’t even know the reason behind Shaun bullying her; only that he got the laughs and attention from it. Indigo was shoved violently into the wall behind her, pain searing through her body. She stayed silent, and tried not to cry out for help; after all, she knew Tavi would be too scared to do anything. All of his friends laughed as he continuously hit her, and then he aimed for her face. His fist slammed hard against the skin of Indigo’s face, surely to bruise it. Indigo began to cry, loudly and obviously in pain. Shaun stepped back. Whilst the laughter of his mates carried on, his smile began to fade from his face. He knew he shouldn’t have gone that far; but it was oh so tempting; such an easy target. He knew of only one way to let all of his anger and pain out, and that was to put it on somebody else’s shoulders.

“WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR? WHAT THE HELL HAS SHE DONE TO YOU?” Tavi screamed, surprising everyone. She never usually spoke out of place, let alone shout. Shaun’s gang began to make ‘ooo’ noises from behind him.

“DON’T YOU EVER, EVER DO THAT TO MY SISTER AGAIN. DO YOU HEAR ME?” Tears were building up inside, but she knew only better to not show her weakness. Come on, Octavia, you can do this. Stand up for your sister, she said over and over again in her head.

“Okay, okay, calm yo’ head, girl.” Shaun said. He backed away, and talked to his gang in whispers. “We’re outta here,” He simply said, and they all walked off, howling and laughing on their way.

“Are you hurt? Are you okay?” Tavi said, panicking about her sister. She helped Indigo stand up and steady herself.

“I’ll be fine,” Indigo wept. “I always am, see?” She gave a half-hearted smile.

“Do they do this to you often?”

“Every day. But it was never as bad as that. You did brilliant, Tavi, thank you so much,” Indigo turned and hugged her sister. “Friends again?”

“Friends again.”

After finally making up, they walked home, encouragingly holding hands.

Coral heard the footsteps on the front porch and realised that she had to make this quick. Silent tears were running down her face. She held the razor boldly, and put her wrists under the water. Elegantly, she slid the razor, down on her wrist, hard and hoping to hit a vain. Repeating this, she did it on her other wrist. She lifted her arms out of the water and did it a few more times, before dropping the razor suddenly on the floor, her left arm hanging out of the bath tub. The noise of the blood dripping on the hard tiled floor sounded like the first drops of rain. The cut from her right wrist had begun to seep with blood, making the water churn with red and clear water. She slid her hand underwater, so more blood came out. She felt as though she had done significantly well, and relief fled to her body. She sighed happily.

“Good bye,” She whispered to herself. She fell unconscious. Only to find that she would unhappily wake up in a few hours.

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