Summertime Sadness

5 sisters, 5 problems, one suicide attempt, 1000 books, no help.


2. Dancing


It was the summer, and on Cromwell road, the noise of the sisters triumphantly playing in the house could be heard all of the way down the street. The girls were dancing happily to a new record of Tavi’s. “I love it! This is definitely a favourite record of mine!” Indigo shouted over the music, swinging along in rhythm.

“Pretty fantastic, don’t you think?” Octavia winked.

“Most certainly” Indigo shouted back. Tavi took her hands and spun Indigo around, who squealed. Side B of the record slowly came to an end, and after they had listened to it a numerous amount of times, it surprisingly hadn’t got any scratches on yet. Tavi carefully put it back in its sleeve and slid it onto the end of the shelf, which travelled around the whole width of her and Indigo’s room. They had been collecting records for as long as she could remember. The heat of the sun had made them all rather sweaty and they ran downstairs to go outside and cool down.

Opening the front door, they skipped down the steps. All five of the sisters lay down, their heads were touching in a circle and they gazed up into the sky. “Look; it’s an elephant!” Coral giggled, pointing up to the blue sky, which had a few white, fluffy clouds in.

“And over there is a duck!” Pansie said.

“No, it’s a horse!”

“Looks more like a frog to me,” Echo laughed.

“A frog? How does it look anything like a frog!” Coral raised one eyebrow in that funny way people did on telly.

“Coral, what are you doing with your face? You look so funny!” Indigo laughed.

“It’s what they do on television, see?” She did it again, and commented in a deep voice “Bang! and the dirt is gone.”

“You do make me laugh!”

“Why, thank you, thank you very much,” She did the eyebrow thing again and each of the sisters burst out laughing.

“Ah,” Sighed Tavi. “I do love the summer. I wish we could be by the sea.”

“Of course you do, you ALWAYS wish you were by the sea.” Echo said loudly. “I wish we were in an exciting city.”

“I wish we were shopping,” Pansie said.

“I wish we were lost in a forest.” Indigo said broadly.

“I wish we could fly” Whispered Coral.

“You should be more realistic, Coral, honestly.” Pansie shook her head, giggling.

“Maybe so.”

The girls turned their heads as they heard a car roll onto the gravel. Their parents were home from work. They began to get up as the car doors opened. “Hello girls! How are you all today?” Their father said cheerfully. He got his briefcase out of the car boot and started to walk to the front door. The sisters all ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek in turn. Mr Hawkins did love his daughters very much, although it must have been hard for him to live in a house full of hormonal women who talked about everything quite freely. How he managed to entertain five girls every day, no one knew. His daughters loved their father, however plain he was, and often made him dinner and when he was asleep, they would cover him with makeup. Coping with them must have been a slight understatement.

“What have you girls been doing today?” Their mother asked curiously, dressed in a smart skirt and white shirt, and looking all very business-like.

“We danced for a bit, and then played some games. Then we danced some more and tried to make pictures out of clouds!” Tavi exclaimed, watching her parents smile at how utterly bonkers they all were.

“Well, come inside and I shall make you all some tea.” Mrs Hawkins said, hoping they would all calm down from the fanatic day of dancing they’d had.

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