Summertime Sadness

5 sisters, 5 problems, one suicide attempt, 1000 books, no help.


5. Ambulance


Indigo and Octavia opened the door to hear small sobs coming from upstairs. Quietly, they looked at each other, and walked slowly up the stairs, to find Pansie lying on her bed crying. They edged into her bedroom, awkwardly and not knowing what to do, since they hadn’t talked properly since The Argument.

“Should we ask her what’s wrong?” Indigo whispered.

“I don’t know, what if she mentions The Argument?”

“P-Pansie, what’s wrong?” Indigo said quietly.

“It’s Blake. He lied! He cheated!” She screamed into her cushion.

Tavi rolled her eyes. “You know what they say, there’s plenty more fish in the sea!” She winced at the stupid saying.

“That doesn’t help! Could you please go, I’d rather be alone,” Pansie said.

Of course, at this time none of the sisters knew of Coral, who was in the bath tub across the hall, with a razor in her hand.

Echo was in a meeting with her teacher at school. Her parents were to pick her up at six, before they got home from work. This left her only 15 minutes to talk with her teacher, thank God.

“Are you okay, Echo?” Her teacher, Ms Dunmore said as she walked into the classroom and sat at her desk. Echo nodded, not looking directly at Ms Dunmore.

“Are you sure?” She questioned.

“Yeah,” No. Of course she wasn’t. She hadn’t been okay since she saw her sister’s scars. She was almost as depressed as Coral was now. Where was Coral? She must be at home with her sisters, she thought. She put the thought to the back of her head. What did Ms Dunmore even want to talk to her about?

“Now Echo, I’ve realised that you have been quieter recently in school? Is there are problem?”

Well this was patronising. “No, Miss. I’ve just been, uh, focusing more with my work.” The way her voice had said that sentence made it so obvious that she was lying.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Miss,” Echo wished she would stop asking her that already.

“Well, your work has certainly improved. I’ve seen some of your writing and art recently and you can really feel the emotion,” Ms Dunmore expressed herself with the movement of her hands.

Woah, soppy much. “Thanks?” Echo questioned. She liked Ms Dunmore a lot. But she was just like all of the other teachers; completely missing the point.

“Yes, it’s a good thing. I’m very impressed and you should continue. Perhaps start writing with a few friends? Or your sisters? I know Coral certainly loves to write.”

“Maybe, it sounds like a good idea, Miss.” Echo looked at the clock behind her. 5 more minutes. Her parents would be early. Where is Coral? Something was going on and she needed to find out.

As predicted, her parents were early. “See you soon, Echo,” Ms Dunmore said as she got up from her chair and walked out of the classroom behind Echo.

“Bye Miss,” Echo said as she walked out of the classroom, relieved that the session had finished.

“You alright, sweetheart? Mr Hawkins asked Echo, putting his arm around her shoulder as they walked to the car.

“Of course,” Echo said, and she tried to give a smile.

“WE’RE HOOMEEEEEE!” Mr Hawkins said in that cheerful voice that he did every evening. To his surprise, nobody came running to him as usual. “Hello?” He said loud and clear, confused. He glanced at Echo and his wife, who looked back worriedly. They began to walk up the red carpeted stairs in the centre of the hall. Pandora’s sobs became louder as they reached the landing.

“Oh, sweetie, are you okay?” Their mother rushed into Pansie’s room, Echo stood still behind her.

“No! I’m not okay! Blake cheated,” She sobbed some more, Mrs Hawkins rubbed Pansie’s back. Echo rolled her eyes at this and began to walk away. She went into her room to find that Coral wasn’t there. She walked into Indigo’s room, and saw her black eye. “What happened?” Echo gasped. Indigo was about to speak but was stopped as Tavi chipped in.

“What do you care?” Echo looked down, before looking around the room to find that Coral wasn’t in there either. She walked further down the hall and tapped on the bathroom door.

“Coral? Are you in there?” No reply. Echo slowly opened the door, all her attention was drawn to the bath tub. There was her sister, lying unconsciously in her own blood. A razor was on the floor, her arm was flopping over the side. Blood was everywhere. “M-Mum!” Echo cried. Tavi and Indigo came running almost immediately.

“Call an ambulance!” Indigo shouted. Echo was next to Coral, shouting at her to wake up, nothing would work. They heard the ambulance sirens scream loudly outdoors, as two paramedics ran inside to come and investigate. Mr and Mrs Hawkins were crying uncontrollably and got on the ambulance with Coral. The four sisters stood together as one in front of the house, watching the ambulance leave.

They smiled at each other, and although they were worried and anxious about Coral, they couldn’t help but feel relieved that they were almost all together again. They walked all the way to the hospital. For the first time in weeks, they were talking. On the way to the hospital, they told each other what had been happening. They got to the reception desk and asked to see their sister. Courageously walking down the corridor, the four were linked arm in arm, ready to welcome their sister back home.

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