Summertime Sadness

5 sisters, 5 problems, one suicide attempt, 1000 books, no help.


1. The Hawkins Sisters


The Hawkins’ lived on the end of Cromwell Road, which was the farthest from the city centre. Their house was large; it had to be, since seven people lived there. Mr and Mrs Hawkins were rather plain and ordinary. They both worked for a large company and left early in the morning, and came home late at night. For such plain people, their daughters were pretty much the opposite, surprising all the people that knew the family. Mr and Mrs Hawkins had five beautiful daughters; Indigo, Echo, Coral, Octavia and Pandora. They had such extraordinary names, which grabbed people’s attention immediately. Extraordinary names for extraordinary people.

Indigo was the youngest. She had just turned 13 and like all of the sisters, she had blue eyes. Indigo shared a room with Octavia, but was happiest when alone. She was rather loud, although mature for her age. She loved to go to school and often got top marks. However, classmates called her names, like “Spoilt brat” and “Teachers pet,” said from the class clown, Shaun. Indigo tried her best to ignore him, although sometimes it was hard. Because he had started this, other students had carried on and she was getting bullied. She didn’t tell anyone, apart from Octavia. With her love for music, she shared a large collection of records with Octavia. She also loved to act and sew. She hated to make decisions, however simple they were, and often relied on her sisters.

At 16, Pandora was the eldest. By her sisters, she was called ‘Pansie’, however much she despised it. Pandora was pretty and popular. She was an all-rounded student and rather academic. Her and Echo didn’t see eye-to-eye because of their differences. Her sisters teased her because she got easily wound up. Pansie would often sneak out of the house to meet up with her boyfriends, and get her sisters to cover for her. Pandora and Indigo would often act together and Coral would write their plays. Pandora had a room of her own, which she painted green and collected candles. When she wasn’t sneaking out at night, she would light every single candle until her whole room was a fiery delight, but no one ever knew.

Coral was the middle sister, although sometimes it would seem as though she was the youngest. She was 14 and nine months older than Echo, whom she shared a room with. Unlike all of her sisters, she had green eyes and red hair. She was rather clever and imaginative; always in her own world. She had a passion of writing and drawing, and often isolated herself to let herself write or draw. Her feelings were shown within this, and Coral began to get unhappy, forgetting the reason why. She never showed her sadness and no one ever realised. You often found her reading, since that was what she loved best.

Echo and Coral shared a room, since in ways they were very similar. Echo was quiet and shy, and probably the least talkative of the sisters; although when she was alone with Coral, they wouldn’t stop talking. She liked art and drawing. Echo shares a whole wall of books with Coral, which they read together at night. She is clever and instinctive, and happy most of the time.

Octavia hated her name. Her sisters called her Tavi and she was 15 years old. She was rather peculiar and had odd interests. Tavi loved to be by the sea. She always had her music on and loved to sing. Her half of the room was filled with many posters and shrines and she liked to make flower crowns, and Indigo used to make her clothes to go with them. She was always in her own world and liked to take early morning walks alone.

The sisters were very close and spent a lot of time together. Each morning they walked to the same school, and sat together at break. Everybody was so curious about them, never had anyone seen five sisters get along so well. Each looked very similar from a distance but as you got closer, their different personalities shined. It was as though one person had been split into five parts.

If you lived near to the girls, you could hear them rambling among themselves about their music, and subjects that didn’t matter. You could hear the laughter of the girls as Pansie and Indigo acted out the plays that Coral had written them. Their funny acting voices could be heard across the street in the summer, when they played out in their garden. At the front of their large house sat a tall and broad tree. Coral and Echo would sit up there alone as the other sisters played, they preferred it this way. Each sister was simply so different that it didn’t matter to them what the others liked and disliked; the only time they could be their complete selves was when they were together with their own siblings.

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