12 year old Gold Girl

Nine year old Georgie has her heart set on being an Olympic rower,rowing for Great Britian.She has been rowing since she was 6,she somehow feels ready for the 2012 olympics,the only problem?Shes to young.How can Georgie win her lifetime dream?
This is a short story about a young future gold medalist.


5. Two dreams,Two golds

Goergie P.O.V

It was 2012.It was a few days till the Olympics.The day when me and Rowan would get our dreams.We had got our boat ready to travel and all our equiptment ready for the opening Ceremony.


The lights were bright.The sounds where loud.Me and Rowan and the whole of team GB were waving small Britian flags with a lady called Landi Brown waving a huge british flag.All it was,was smile.Wave.Shake Flag.Smile.Wave.Shake flag,and I loved it!

Rowan's P.O.V

It was amazing!All the crowds,the screaming.WOW.After that we went to the Olympic village which is basically a hotel for the althlets.We slept and rested up as the womans paired rowing was on the third day of the Olympics.

Emily's P.O.V

It was the day of our race.Mine and Rowans.

"3,2,1 GO!"

Our boat lunged forward,we gritted our teeth but we keeped on rowing.1/4 mark was coming up and we were fighting for third place.Italy was first and Canada was second.I cried a silent YES!as our boat stridded into second place at the half way mark.My arms were killing me and I could tell Rowan was aching by the tiny gasps she was whispering.Suddenly and unexpectedly Italy slowed down and went behind.We took the opertunatly and put extra power into our rowing.We were in first place.Our rowing was so in sync it was amazing,thats it,the finish line was 25 metres away and me and Rowan were fighting the pain and breathing heavy.

10 metres.5,2,1!We had won!Gold!!!!!

"And thats it!The worlds youngest gold winner ever!"The annouuncer cried.


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