12 year old Gold Girl

Nine year old Georgie has her heart set on being an Olympic rower,rowing for Great Britian.She has been rowing since she was 6,she somehow feels ready for the 2012 olympics,the only problem?Shes to young.How can Georgie win her lifetime dream?
This is a short story about a young future gold medalist.


1. Life time dream

Rowing for great Britian in 2012 is my dream.I love rowing,I go to special rowing classes 5 times a week.It's the only thing keeping me sane I guess,at home its so boring,it's because I'm an only child,not the spoilt kind,the quiet hard working kind.
I go rowing in Lake Jamina with a rowing club.In my club there are 4 people in it including me.There's a boy thats really good at rowing and Is really funny,another boy that's more quite and concentrating and a girl that is loud and always laughing.And then theirs me.Plain old me.Plain old quiet old me.
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