12 year old Gold Girl

Nine year old Georgie has her heart set on being an Olympic rower,rowing for Great Britian.She has been rowing since she was 6,she somehow feels ready for the 2012 olympics,the only problem?Shes to young.How can Georgie win her lifetime dream?
This is a short story about a young future gold medalist.


4. 9 months on

It was a bright sunday afternoon and I had just finished my special rowing classes when Rowan,the girl that goes to my classes came up to me.She had wavy brown hair and hazel nut eyes.Rowan had quite a muscular body.
"Hey Georgie,I know your entering the Olympics in 2012."She said.
"Yes I am."
"Apparently your entering solo,right?"She asked.I nodded my head.
"Look I was wondering if maybe we could enter it together,I mean only if you want to."
I looked at her.She was strong,muscular,amazing and brilliant at rowing.I nodded my head.
" I would love for you to join me."I grinned,we both grinned and hugged eachother.

So from then on we practiced on Lake Jamina for hours on end.We had also started doing extreme excersize routines together,it was wicked!
Rowans P.O.V
I couldn't believe she had agreed to letting me join her on an epic battle to gold.Training together brought us not only muscels but friendship.We had never been great friends,but now we were like best friends.
My parents where shocked when they found out and at first they didn't want me to,but with Georgie's help were now entering the Womans paired rowing !
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