12 year old Gold Girl

Nine year old Georgie has her heart set on being an Olympic rower,rowing for Great Britian.She has been rowing since she was 6,she somehow feels ready for the 2012 olympics,the only problem?Shes to young.How can Georgie win her lifetime dream?
This is a short story about a young future gold medalist.


3. 10th Birthday

Two weeks later and it was my 10th birthday.A step closer to my Olympic dream. Somewhere inside I felt like that 12 year old Rower I was going to be in 2012.It made me feel excited about the future,possible bronze,silver or even gold medalist?It seemed too good to be true!

For my birthday I got from my parents a rowing boat specifically for 2012.I had tears in my eyes.

"Mum!Dad!You spent so much on me!Why?!!!"

"Because its your lifelong dream,and its all worth it."They smiled at me.Maybe I was turning into that spoilt little kid I dreaded so much....

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