Partners In Crime

This story is about One Direction committing a crime and a girl hides them from the police.


2. Police

The next day the guys all woke up to a loud bang at their door. Louis quickly threw some pants on and ran to the door when he opened the door he saw a man and a women standing there with a blue uniform on and a badge. "Hello." Louis nevorsly mumbled. The male officer said "Hello sir, We have just been informed that a man named David Jones has been missing and a witness said that you were the last one seen with him." Then, the female officer said "We would like to search your house now." Louis said "Oh yeah of course!" He showed them through the house and then after they investigated the house the female officer sternly said "We would like to interview you and your friends now." Louis knew they wouldn't be able to pull this off so he nervoulsy said "Well, actually me and my friends are the members of a band called One Direction and today we have to go down to the studio." The female officer narrowed her eyes and said "That's to bad because we are going to interview you!" Louis relizead that he had to come up with a plan and he had to do it fast he quickly said "Oh, then I will go get the other guys wait one sec please." Louis shut the door and ran inside he informed the guys and they each knew they would eventually crack so, Louis ran into his room while the other guys followed then Louis opened the window in his room and said "Ready to run!" They all neverously mumbeled "Yeah I guess." Louis climed down and the other guys followed then they all ran over the fence and through the woods for at least half a mile to they were to tired to run any more.

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