Partners In Crime

This story is about One Direction committing a crime and a girl hides them from the police.


10. Police Station

When the Arianna woke up she was handcuffed and was sitting in a chair with a old grey table in front of her and the room was plain and gray and had one glass window that she couldn't see through. Arianna looked around the room confused. A few minutes later her memory came back and then the door in the corner of the room opened and a man and a woman walked in with a file. They interviewed her and kept her there then did the same to the other guys. They were each sepearated. They were kept at the police station for a few days then, they were taken to court and Arianna was sentenced to 10 years, Zayn was sentenced to 15 years, Niall also got 15 years, Niall got 15 years too, Harry was also got 15 years, Louis got 35 years. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Arianna were taken away once they were outside of the court Arianna was seperated from the other guys and Arianna was drove to a females prison while the guys were driven to a males prison. Arianna was led to her cell and a guard came over to her with food and gave it to her. "Wait!" Arianna yelled. "What!" The woman yelled back. "What's your name?" Arianna asked with a smile. "Ammarah." The girl said with a smile. "Nice name." Arianna said with a smile. Ammarah smiled and said "What did you say to me!? Maybe I should put you in solitude if that's what you want! Let's go!" Arianna smiled and said "I don't care!" Ammarah unlocked the door and grabbed her and dragged her to the cell all by it self with no one near by. Arianna said "Hey Ammarah! How did you know I was here?!" Ammarah whispered "Hi Arianna. Long story tell you later. Now I have a plan." Arianna whispered back "Okay. Hurry!" Ammarah whispered "Okay! I have another guard here and we are really close and is willing to help me sneak you out so do what she says the people who work here are really stupid so don't worry about ." Arianna quickly whispered "Okay!" Ammarah grabbed her and said "Now follow me!" Ammarah walked over to a woman and started whispering to her. "The girl looked at Arianna and grabbed her and started walking towards the intrance and when Arianna saw a  man at the intrance by the locked gate.

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