Partners In Crime

This story is about One Direction committing a crime and a girl hides them from the police.


5. Plans

Arianna, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry all went shoping to buy clothes, blankets, food, and some thing for entertainment. When they got home they got everything set up then chose where everyone would sleep. There were 6 beds just enough for everyone. They all got in bed and went to sleep. Arianna woke up when she heard a loud noise on the window it was only a branch but, she didn't know that since she usually slept in another room so she was terrified and ran to the room across from her and it happened to be Zayn. When she looked at him it was as if the world stopped and all she saw was him. Then, she heard the sound again and jumped. She ran over to him and hated to ask him but she was so scared that she did. "Whats going on?" Zayn mumbled. "Can I sleep with you I keep hearing a noise in my room." Arianna nervously said. "Of course hun." He smiled at her. She jumped in the bed and he wrapped his arm around her and she came in close to him. She wanted to kiss him so bad as she starred into his brown eyes and he starred into her icy blue eyes but, he beat her to it as he pressed his soft sweet lips against hers he pushed the hair out of her eyes and kept kissing her again. To they heard someone coming and stoped when they looked up they saw Niall there and he said "Oh hey guys! I was looking for the bathroom." Arianna smiled and said "At the end of the hallway Niall and there is one in your room." "Oh!" Niall laughed as he walked back to his room. Arianna cuddled up with Zayn again and feel asleep.

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