Partners In Crime

This story is about One Direction committing a crime and a girl hides them from the police.


6. On The Run

Zayn wanted to take Arianna on a date since they were now dating so, Zayn made reservations for this really fancy restraunt and planned on taking her shopping afterwards. Arianna put on her blue, long, strapless dress. It was really tight so, it showed her figure well. She put makeup on and then did her hair. She picked out her blue high heels and walked out of the room and down the stairs. Zayn was standing there with his eyes wide open and his mouth Harry was over on the sofa and looked over at her and whistled. She laughed and when to grab her purse in the kitchen. Then, Zayn opened the door for her and they both walked outside and to the car, Zayn opened the door again for her and Arianna got in and then Zayn shut the door and got in the car to. They drove for about 45 minutes to they were at the restraunt. It was a great restraunt and of course Zayn payed like always no matter how hard Arianna tried to pay for something. After the restraunt Zayn took her shopping like planned and Zayn bought her a purse and some shoes then, as they were leaving they heard someone screaming when they both turned around it was a girl about 15 holding her cellphone in her hand and as taking pictures saying "Oh my god! Your Zayn from One Direction! Where have you been? This is going to be every where!" Zayn yelled "No! Please stop! Please! but the girl didn't. Zayn and Arianna ran out of there and jumped in the car and drove home. When they got home Zayn told the guys what happened. "I'm sorry guys!" Zayn said. Louis began to yell. Arianna yelled "Zayn what's wrong?!" Zayn must have really trusted her because he told her everything. She was shocked. Arianna ran to Louis and yelled "Why did you kill him?! Why?!" Louis yelled "You really want to know?! Fine I will tell you that man was my friends stepfather he abused his Mom and he was a rapist! So, I killed him!" They were all shocked. They stood there confused but mostly shocked. It was silent. Arianna looked at Zayn and said "I'm so sorry Louis! I didn't know!" Louis said "It's not your fault, how would you?" Then there was aloud bang at the door and then someone yelled "Come out with your hands up!" "We have to run!" Louis quietly said. Zayn looked at Arianna and said "Are you ready?" Arianna wasn't but she had no choice. "I know how to get out. There is a tree in the room I am supposed to sleep in, we can climb down the tree." "Great idea!" Liam said. "Let's go!" Louis said. They ran upstairs and opened the window Arianna grabbed some clothes that would be better for running like tennis shoes, track shorts, a hat, and her cutest t-shirt. Zayn helped her climed out of the tree and then he went and they all quietly climed out except for Louis he fell while trying to get out the window that was when the door had been broken down they heard people running in Harry went back inside and grabbed Louis's hand and pulled him up. They both got out on the tree they heard the foot steps coming Louis closed the window and ducked down just in time. "Clear!" They heard someone yell and leave the room. "Come one! Hurry!" Zayn yelled at the bottom of the tree with Isabella, Niall, and Liam. They both climed down. Arianna had already changed into her tennis shoes. They ran throw the neatly cut grass and into the long grass full of bug biting and stinging. Arianna tripped over a rock and Zayn had to carry her as he ran.

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