Partners In Crime

This story is about One Direction committing a crime and a girl hides them from the police.


8. Love Birds

When they woke up it was another pretty warm day for a feburary. Zayn kissed Arianna passionately on her lips with a lttle bit of tongue. Arianna didn't want to get up but, she was pretty hungry so she got them a box of cereal so they could stay in bed while eating. They each fed each other cereal. "How romantice!" Louis sarcasticly said from about 10 feet away. They laughed an said "Your just jealous!" Louis smiled for one of the first times since the murder. "Would you like to dance?" Zayn asked. "There's no music!" Arianna said laughing. "Wait one sec." Zayn said jumping up and running to one of the bags and pulling out a radio. He put it down and put in a CD. Once the music began to play he reached his hand out and Arianna grabbed it and they began to dance. The rest of they guys began to dance too and were having fun. After a while Arianna and Zayn went back to there blanket and kissed a while to Harry asked them "Would you 2 lie to play Truth or Dare with us?" "Sure!" Arianna and Zayn said and ran over to where the other guys where sitting. Louis went first and said "Harry, truth or dare? "Dare!" Harry yelled! "I dare you to... take all your clothes off for  a minute!" Harry took all his clothes off stood up and did a sipn then sat down still naked. "Okay times up, out your clothes on Harry!" Louis said laughing. Then Harry said "Zayn, tuth or dare?" "Dare!" Zayn said excited but nervous. "Harry said "Kiss Arianna with tongue for a minute completly naked!" Arianna laughed as Zayn began to strip naked and press his lips to hers. Arianna couldn't help but, to look at Zayn's sexy naked body. "Okay minutes up!" Harry said. "Awww! Arianna groaned. Zayn was so caught up in the moment that he didn't stop and neither did Aranna. "Okay! Let's go guys!" Louis said as they walked about 30 feet away and turned away from them as the guys continued to play truth or dare. Arianna and Zayn went behind a tree and put some bags up and used blankets to make sure no one could see them. They made out for a while but they were extremely cold that they stopped and got dressed again and everyone was already asleep. "Really now I have to keep on look out again!" Zayn yelled. "Don't worry baby, I will stay with you and I want scream and fall off the tree and land on you this time." Arianna said giggling. "How could I say no to that offer." he said smiling.

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