Partners In Crime

This story is about One Direction committing a crime and a girl hides them from the police.


7. Going Back

Niall said "What about food there is none here!" Harry said " I saw some rats running around out there." Arianna cringed and said "I am a vegetarian." Harry said "Oh." Niall suggested "Let's go back to the house." Zayn wanted to go back to the house to get items they needed so did Arianna but, Louis didn't think it would be okay because the cops where still probably there. He said "Maybe tomorrow but, not today. So, they all went to sleep and the next day it was surprisingly warm so they set off for the house. Once they were to the neatly cut grass they scanned the area for cops and since they didn't see any they went inside the house Niall and Liam got the food, Arianna got the clothes, Zayn got medicine and cleaning things like washcloths, Lastly, Louis got Entertainment and blankets. With there bags full they ran back to the clearing in the field they unpacked and made the little clearing there new home.They had bread and cheese for dinner and discussioned what they would do tomorrow. They each took turns keeping look out in the tree. Today it was Zayn's turn but, Arianna couldn't sleep so she went up the tree with him. It was very cold so she zipped her jacket up and carried a blanket with her and wrapped the blanket around herself and Zayn. Zayn said "I'm so sorry Arianna!" Arianna asked "Why are you sorry?" Zayn sighed and said "For everything! Living in a tree, eating bread with cheese, sleeping on the ground, everything!" Arianna said "It's not your fault! I chose to come with you! I chose this! Don't blame yourself and I am happy as long as I am with you!" Zayn smiled. He leaned in towards her and pressed his lips against hers. Arianna played with his hair as Zayn began to slip his tongue out of his mouth and into hers. They got so lost they didn't notice that there was a huge spider coming towards them. Arianna felt something on her leg but just thought it was Zayn but, then she looked at Zayn and saw both of his hands there. Arianna slowly began to turn her head and looked down. She screamed "Spider!" It was a huge furry spider crawling on her leg. She screamed and jumped up and hit her head on the branch above and fell but Zayn caught her just in time but then he saw the spider and jumped too. He hit the ground first and then Arianna landed on him. "Owwww! Zayn moaned. "Oh my god! I am so sorry Zayn! Are you okay?!" "Don't worry about it babe." He moaned and tried to smile. The boys were already awake and running towards them yelling "What happened! Is he okay?!" Arianna yelled "He fell from the tree!" Arianna ran to get asprin from the bag Zayn had brought. She gave him some asprin and layed him down on a blanket and cuddled close to him. "I feel so bad Zayn! I am so sorry!" "It's not your fault." Zayn moaned. Liam came over an asked "What hurts?" Zayn said "My back." Arianna quickly flipped him over and took his shirt off and began to give him a massage. "You are really good at this!" Arianna smiled and said "I worked as a massage therapist for about a month. "Oh!" Zayn said as he smiled. As the guys went back to bed the 2 love birds began to fall asleep too.

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