Partners In Crime

This story is about One Direction committing a crime and a girl hides them from the police.


9. Found You

When they woke up they were still tied to the tree the blanket had fallen off them and they were frezzing Arianna untied her jumprope and was able to untie Zayn's after about 5 minutes. They jumped down on the ground with about a inch of snow they ran over and made a fire then Zayn and Arianna wrapped themselves together in 1 blanket. When the rest of the guys woke up they had some apples and tea they had made he day they had ran. "Want some smores later today?" Arianna asked. Everyones eyes lit up and said "Yes!" Arianna laughed and said "What about right now?" They all started jumping up and down especialy Niall "Okay!" Arianna went to the bags and pulled out a big bag of marshmallows, choclate bars, gram crackers, and plates. Arianna made each one and put them by the fire to melt. When they were done she gave each one there smores. "Delicious!" Niall yelled "Yeah!" Liam yelled. "Yay! Your girlfriend knows how to make great smores!" Louis yelled at Zayn smiling. "Yeah. She's amazing!" Zayn said. Arianna blushed and said "Thanks!"  A few hours late they discussied who was going to keep watch tonight and thet all decided on Niall. As Niall climed up and tied himself on the tree, he bacame really tired and began to fall asleep but, then he heard a rusling noise in the tall grass just a few feet away from everyone. Niall tried to stand up to see but, then remembered he had tied himself down "Shit!" Niall mumled as he tried to quickly untie it when he was finaly done he stood up to see about 5 people in unforms talkig to each other. Niall immediatly yelled "Run! Run! They found us!" They all woke up confushed and nervous Niall yelled again "Run!" as he jumped from the tree and ran but 1 of the officer tazed him. Arianna and Zayn jumped up and ran to the tree near by and hoped that the officers wouldn't find them but they did and both were tazed and so was Louis, Liam, and Harry when they tried to run.

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