Partners In Crime

This story is about One Direction committing a crime and a girl hides them from the police.


1. The Crime

Louis woke up to a dark cold world. Blood splatered on his shirt and pants. In his hand layed a fresh bloody knife. Next to him layed a dead body that had been stabbed mulitiple times. Louis saw bottles at least 10 bottles of beer near the body most broken. When he got up he immediately fell back down and felt extrem pain. When he got up he saw a huge peice of glass sticking out of his leg he pulled it out quickly. Then, he moved his bare feet across the snowy cold ground he walked towards the lantern and right into the door behind the light. Inside Liam yelled "I found him! Where have you been?" Then seeing the blood he yelled. Louis fell to the ground. Liam ran to get the other guys. When Louis woke up he brought the guys outside. By know the snow was bright red and that was where Louis took them and whispered "We need to hide the body." Liam cried out "Why Louis!? Why!?" Louis quietly yelled "Shutup! I had to! You would never understand!" Zayn yelled "No! None of us would ever understand why you would do this and we are not going to help you! We can't keep this a secret!" and then he looked away from the body. Louis cried and then yelled "Please guys please! I would do this for you please!" Harry was already Hyperventilating, Liam was crying, Zayn couldn't bare to look and Niall was throwing up! Niall yelled "Please guys! Please! All you have to do is help me hide it! This person deserved it if that makes you feel any better." Harry took a deep breath and said "I don't aggree with this but, your one of my best friends and we have to stick together and if you really need some help then I have to help." Harry and Niall where able to persuade them all after abut a hour. First Niall and Harry took the body into the woods and then Niall and Zayn went to go get shovels. Then, they all dug through the frozed ice and hard ground till it seemed deep enough for a body Louis pushed the body into the hole and they quickly reburied the body and went back inside.

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