hope will come

a girl surviving a life of death seperaton and hope


1. introduction

February 1, 1999

My name is harriet i live in the world of the poor. I never really had a life growing up. Im already ten and im taking care of my 3 brothers and my sick mom. My father left us when i was three so i had to do most of the helping out since im the oldest. My mom got sick when i was 8 so i had to take care of everyone. I wash the floors, Make Dinner, Give my mom her speacil medicine, I take the kids to places they have to go to, and i work in the feild. I am surprised we can even afford a piece of bread. Other than work which is almost 99% of my life i run. Running is my life. Although, it might not work out so well due to my moms condition. Everyday i take thekids to school for 2 hours. My brother stevie is 8 and he has dyslexia. My brother joey is 7 and he is deaf. My brother charlie is 9 but he has heart deasise and he is in a wheel chair. The worst part is my mom jenna may not even last another year due to her very severe lung cancer. This means i will be put into a orphanage alog with my 3 brothers. You would thnk yay no work and i get fed but this may mean that i am seperated from the only family i have. I am nothing without my brothers. We live in the country and in a small village. When my dad left we lost every thing. For a full year wew had no home and struggled to find food. We lived on scraps from rich peoples dinners and a swampy river. It was ceartainly not healthe but it kept us alive. I help out in the feilds to get small portions of food and a small place for my family and i to stay in.



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