why me

Have you ever felt like your the choosen one?
Have you ever asked yourself why me?
That's my whole life bug I ask this question
Why not him?


1. the choosen

It was about 6:00 Am i had just gotten out of bed and i heard a scream. The scream was from my dad and it sounded like his bad scream. My dad handed me a letter that said:

Dear Mr. jones,

Please choose one of your children to come to europe and work in the factories We woulkd prefer your son tony but anyone will due and we will be taking custody of him/her who decides to go all they will need is a smell bag no bigger than a medium sized serving dish If you have any questions please call the office at 555-293-7890


                                                                 George jotan

I asked my dad why was he showing this and he said because that its because they choose me. But i said " I dont understand they want tony and tony is never going to make a living by getting F's all the time." "I had enough of this discussion!" He said and then i said fine and to answer one queston and when said what i said Why me. He said do you really want to know and i said ya so hre told me that its because im a girl and that no girl could make as living and then he said look what happened to your mom she did not make a living literally and i dont miss her one bit and i said this: You know What, ever since Ma died you have been nothing but a jerk to me!"

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