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when Isabella has to move to Australia because her parents have got new jobs there she is annoyed at first but as time moves on she becomes happier. She begins to hang out with a group of pranksters called the Janoskians and they soon become her best friends. Then she falls in love with one of them..............


3. journey


I woke up to my ears popping, I looked out of the window & the plance was descending, the ground getting closer & closer by the second. “Ladies & gentleman, we are now approaching Singapore Airport, I hope you enjoyed your flight with Singapore Airline, thank you” I stretched & placed the iPod in my bag, I checked my iphone, not that it would work now, since it was still under UK contract. Great gonna be without a phone now. “Bella, come on, we’re getting off soon” Max popped his head over the seats. “I know, Max, I did hear the captain” I snapped at him.  Mum over hears me and says “I hope your attitude changes once we arrive in Australia young lady”   I wish I was 18, she wouldn’t be able to drag me off then. “Whatever!” There was a bump & we had landed in Singapore. The plane started slowing down as we reached the airport, it looked so tiny compared to Heathrow. I missed home already. The seatbelt sign went off and I undid the clip, stretching out my back, it cracked and I felt much better. We slowly started making our way off the plane, we now had 3 hours to kill in this airport before our flight to Melbourne. “What are we supposed to do for 3 hours?” “do you mean mean 3 hours? We’re getting our luggage then getting the next flight out to Melbourne” I gotta admit I was a little relieved that we didn’t have to sit ages in this airport with nothing to do but didn’t wanna go to Melbourne cos that when it becomes official…there’s no going back. We got on the shuttle bus & headed towards the airport luggage claim. Stood around it I wasn’t even paying attention to what was coming through and whether mine was there, I was just thinking about back home. Fingers clicked in front of my face. “Bella yours is coming” says Stephanie. I looked to the flaps at the end and saw my bright blue suitcase coming towards me, I grabbed it before it went past me. “Great, so we’ve got everything, lets go” Dad sounded excited, the twins looked tired. I know how they’re feeling, I just wanted to sleep. We walked fast through the airport towards the check in desk, placing the and passports on the desk & the suitcases on the belt, we didn’t have any problem with Mum and Dad's suitcase this time.“Gate 12, to the left” She looked miserable unlike the lady in Heathrow. Mum grabbed the tickets and Dad grabbed the passports and we made our way to the departures lounge from gate 12. “NOW BOARDING FLIGHT 319 TO MELBOURNE AIRPORT WILL ALL PASSENGERS MAKE THEIR WAY TO GATE 12 PLEASE” Mum grabbed Callum and my dad grabbed Max. As we arrived at the desk, they was just about to close the doors. “You just made it” The man at the desk said as he checked our tickets and let us on the plane, Dad held Max's hand & followed mum to the plane. Here we go. This was making it official. The stewardess pointed us towards our seats, again I ended up sat on my own. This time I had a fat man sat on the side of me. Great, this is gonna be a lovely flight. “Hello this is your captain speaking, we will departing in approximately 5 minutes. Hope you enjoy the flight” The stewardess’ started their safety routine, I just rolled my eyes, as if I need to see this again. They sat down & the plane started moving. Goodbye Singapore, was nice seeing you for 45 minutes. I felt my eyes closing & I was asleep again. The next thing I knew, I was being shook awake by my mum “Bella love, we’re here” I rubbed my eyes & cracked my neck.  “What already?” I was confused, I’d only been asleep 10 minutes. “Yeah you slept the entire way here” my dad looked so happy.  "Come on Bella auntie Anne and uncle Phill are waiting for us," Callum said. I half-smiled & unclipped my belt, I grabbed the bag from the floor & got up, the passengers on this plane were unbelieveably slow, took a good 15 minutes to get off, I looked at my phone it was 4:30am, yet it only felt like 8pm to me, this will take some getting used to. We finally got to the shuttle bus, pulled up outside the baggage claim, never seen my mum and dad move so fast, luckily our cases were the first few to come through so we left before it got too manic, we walked through some double doors & saw loads of people waiting for family members, I then saw a middle aged couple come over to us, who I assumed was my auntie and uncle, but I still wanted to go back home. “Hey guys, said my uncle” He had a strong Aussie accent, God this would take some getting used to. C’mon the cars this way, I think you’ll like it in Melbourne guys, especially you Bella, cute guys” my auntie laughed, she had this infectious laugh which made everyone want to laugh with her. “I doubt that but thanks & I’ve got a boyfriend back home…I mean in England” The thought of Jack made me want to break down. “Oh right” my auntie seemed unsure. “Do you really think it will last?”  “I dunno, guess I’ll see” I shrugged, little did any of my family know that me & Jack split up just before I left. We got to the car. “Nice car” I placed my suitcase at the rear of the car and waited for  my auntie to unlocked it, she opened the boot, pulled out a bag & handed it to me. “Here’s a present from me and your uncle, I know what you teens are like” I looked in the bag iPhone 4s on the side of the box. “Are you for real?” I was shocked, I gave them both a hug. I looked to my mum and dad who just stood smiling. “Thanks!” “Yes I’m for real, just pop the simcard in & you’re ready to go” my auntie said. She grinned and started putting the suitcases in the boot, with some help from our uncle. “OMG thank you so much, I was feeling lost without it.” I climbed in the backseat of the car beside the twins & started playing with the phone. I only had a 3gs back home, this was amazing.

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