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when Isabella has to move to Australia because her parents have got new jobs there she is annoyed at first but as time moves on she becomes happier. She begins to hang out with a group of pranksters called the Janoskians and they soon become her best friends. Then she falls in love with one of them..............


4. hey boyss


After what seemed like forever in the car we pulled up outside our new house, it wasn’t massive but it wasn’t small either. It was now 5:45am & I was getting tired. I grabbed my suitcase from the boot & stood outside the front door. my uncle handed my dad the new house keys. my dad unlocked the door and walked in with us following behind him. The house was lush, very modern as well. “Bella you’re room is top of the stairs to your left, your bed is all made up so you can get straight in it if you want” said my auntie and she started telling everyone where every thing was. “Thanks auntie” I carried my suitcase upstairs & went into the room my new room, it was decorated blue & pink, with swirls on one of the walls, all my boxes from home were put into a corner, I placed my suitcase on the bed & grabbed my PJs from the top, I yanked off my clothes and chucked them to the side of the white dresser, pulling on my PJs, I climbed into the double bed, it was soft & my head sunk into the pillows, it was heaven. I really shouldn’t be tired but all the travelling proper took it out of me, I felt my eyes closing, then the bedroom door swung open. It was Max. “Bella, mum says you can’t sleep, you’ve got to unpack your stuff” He smiled sweetly at me. “Max, tell her I’m sleeping & that I’ll do it when I wake up” I rolled over so my back was faciing him. I heard footsteps on the floor & the door shut. 5 minutes later, it was opening again. “Isabella Parkingson, get up & unpack some boxes, you can sleep after” Oooh full name, I got out of bed & started rummaging through the boxes in the corner of my new room. She went to walk out “Mum” She turned back around "i'm sorry i just didn’t wanna leave, it was my last year of school & I didn’t wanna leave all my friends” " look I know hunny, it was hard for me, your father,your brothers and your sister too but I think this will be good for us, I’m sure you’ll meet new friends, which reminds me you need to enrol at school tomorrow.” “I miss my old friends though & Mum, me & Jack split up, he didn’t want a long-distance relationship” I felt a lump in my throat but refused to cry. “Awwww, why didn’t you tell me?” She got up off the bed & pulled me in to her. “I dunno,” I felt a tear fall down my face. “I’m sorry, as for Chris, it’s his loss” I half smiled at her, “I’m sure you’ll have all these Aussie boys after you” She winked, I just laughed at her “Okay, I’m gonna unpack some stuff, you do the same, you don’t have to do it all, just do some of it” She gave me one last hug & left my room. I placed the open box on the bed & started taking things from the bubble-wrap, there was pictures from prom & my birthday, I placed them on top of the dresser, the next one was a picture of me & Jack at prom, I opened up the back of the frame, took out the picture & ripped it in to little pieces & threw it in the bin. Goodbye Jack. I got through the boxes pretty quickly, pictures were up in a collage above the bed & my teddies were sat on the top of the wardrobe, finally felt like home. I looked at the time 8:23am, not much point in sleeping now, decided to stay up. I looked out the window & saw 4 guys gathered on the garden next door. One looked up at the window & I smiled, he smiled back, had the most perfect smile I’d ever seen, I’m guessing these are the guys my auntie was on about. Gotta admit they were cute. The one who smiled, said something to the others & they all looked up, I could clearly see which two were twins, just as I smiled, another guy joined them. I walked away from the window to avoid some awkward eye contact with them, then there was a knock at the door. I stopped in my tracks, it couldn’t be. I looked at myself in the mirror, I had penguin PJ shorts on, a vest top, my hair was in a messy bun & I had no make up on. “Bella, someone’s here for you” I heard Dad shout up, I popped my head out the door “Yeah, she is Brittish, Thats cool my family could just sell me to these guys. I quickly rubbed some foundation on my face & some mascara & walked down the stairs to see the 5 guys from next door stood at the door talking to my dad and my uncle “Oh here she is, Bella, this is Jai, Luke, Beau, James & Daniel, but everyone calls him Skip” my uncle said. They all smiled & said hello. “Hi, I’m Bella” I smiled at them. Their accents were beaut. Jai & Luke were clearly the twins. “Me, Jai & Luke are brothers, Skip & James are our friends” Beau smiled at me, Skip was the one who smiled at me first but Beau was the one who took my attention, he was perfect, had dark brown floppy hair & the most gorgeous eyes I’d ever seen. “Aah cool” I nodded. “Well it was nice to meet you”  “You going to Penola?” I just stood there with no idea what he was on about. He laughed. “Yeah she is” my uncle told them. I smiled. “Okay, I’m shattered & got boxes to unpack” I lied, I’d unpacked all my boxes. “See you soon, nice to meet you guys” I turned and walked back up the stairs, could feel eyes burning the back of me. I could feel my cheeks blushing at the thought.
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