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when Isabella has to move to Australia because her parents have got new jobs there she is annoyed at first but as time moves on she becomes happier. She begins to hang out with a group of pranksters called the Janoskians and they soon become her best friends. Then she falls in love with one of them..............


2. goodbye England


I climbed in to the back of the taxi & pulled my phone from my bag, opening Twitter I started typing a tweet “can’t belive my parents are dragging me to Australia, gonna miss everyone :(“ & I clicked send, closed Twitter & put my phone on my lap, it suddenly started vibrating, I unlocked it, mentions on Twitter “What? You’re moving to Australia?!” “You can’t leave :’(” I feel tears prick the back of my eyes, I locked my phone & put it in my bag, I couldn’t handle reading anymore. “Bella, what’s up?” My dad asked me, did he really want me to answer that?! “Oh, I dunno dad, maybe the fact you’re dragging us to Australia, where I’m not gonna know anyone, making me leave the house I’ve lived in for 17 years, maybe that’s whats up!” I looked away, I heard my mum sigh from the front seat. 45 minutes later we pulled up outside Heathrow airport, the driver got out, followed by my mum, then my dad and they started unloading the suitcases from the boot. I climbed out the car and stood watching them. “Do you wanna help or just stand there watching?” I could tell my mum was annoyed with my attitude but I really didn’t care. “I think I’ll just stand here watching” I smiled sarcastically at her. my dad helped her  lift another suitcase from the boot of the taxi. I know I was being a bitch, but I didn’t wanna leave, I just don’t understand why we had to move “Bella, grab your suitcase, come on we’ve got to check in” I grabbed the pully on my suitcase & walked towards the airport doors. Goodbye British air, I’ll miss you. We walked to the check in desk, Dad handed the tickets & passports, the lady checked them and placed them back on the counter, “Just place the cases on this to weigh them” Mum placed the twins suitcase on the belt, it was just under the limit, next was mum’s and dad's. Their's was a little bit over, my dad grabbed mine from my hand & put it on the belt, just under. “So since only one is over the weight limit, that will be £10” She smiled this sweet smile to my mum as my mum pulled a ten pound note from her purse. Goodbye English money, I shall miss you. “You’ll be departing from gate 4, just go through the doors to your left, enjoy your flight” I rolled my eyes at how sweet this woman sounded. So now we’d got an hour to kill, “Mum, dad I’m gonna look in the shops, spend the last of my English money, since I won’t be needing it there!” another sarcastic remark. “Don’t be long, they’ll be calling us soon” she called after me. I walked to the stretch of shops in the departures lounge, 30 minutes later and I’d bought 3 big bags of Maltesers, 2 books, 4 tops from H&M and 5 cans of Red Bull. My phone started ringing in my pocket “DADDY” flashed up on the screen, I answered it & placed the phone to my ear. “Bella, they’re gonna call the flight soon, can you come back please?” “I’m on my way back now, calm down, bye” I hung up before she had time to answer, checking my Twitter I had 25 new mentions all from the girls telling me I couldn’t be leaving & that I wasn’t allowed. I was gonna miss them. I replied to a few & placed my phone back in my pocket. Fresh tears pricked the back of my eyes, one or two fell, I quickly wiped them away before I got back to my mum “NOW BOARDING FLIGHT 546 TO SINGAPORE AIRPORT” First stop on the way to Australia. I rejoined my mum, dad, my older sister and the twins and we made our way to the departure gate. Walking down the little tunnel thing towards the plane my heart started beating, this was it, this was my last day on British soil. We got to the stewardess at the plane & she pointed us to our seats, so the seats were only in threes, I was sat on my own. I sat behind my mum and the max and Stephanie on the window seat. My dad sat with callum. I stared out the window at the planes landing and taking off. Luckily the seats to the side of me was empty, so I had space to stretch my legs out. “Hello this is your captain speaking, this is a non-stop flight to Singapore, we’ll be setting off in about 3 minutes, enjoy the flight & thank you for flying with Singapore airlines” The stewardess’ started doing their little health & safety routine, I just blanked them out, sitting back I put my seat belt on & stared out the window again.  The plane began moving & I could see the airport getting further & further away, a few tears fell from my eyes but I wiped them away quickly. “Goodbye England” I whispered, the plane started picking up speed,this gave me butterflies. Next thing we were off the ground. That was it. Goodbye life, goodbye friends, goodbye family, goodbye house, goodbye everything. My ears popped as we ascended in to the clouds, I yawned & they unpopped. Now began the long ass flight to Singapore. I grabbed my iPod, put my ear phones in & quickly fell to sleep.
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