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when Isabella has to move to Australia because her parents have got new jobs there she is annoyed at first but as time moves on she becomes happier. She begins to hang out with a group of pranksters called the Janoskians and they soon become her best friends. Then she falls in love with one of them..............


5. embarrassment


I climbed on my bed & flicked through Twitter saw a few tweets about the British weather, apparently they’ve got 60mph winds & torrential rain, nothing new then, I looked to the window & it was bright & sunny, the sun was streaming in the window, I could feel the heat already & it was only 8:50am. I started a new tweet “Missing all my girls already, wish yous could all be here :(“ & I clicked send. I’ll admit I did miss home & all the girls but i was starting to like it here, I had cute neighbours & they had cute friends and the weather was 10x better than back in England, which is always a plus. “Bella, hunny, can you come down here please?” Mum shouted up the stairs. I jumped off the bed & hurried down the stairs. Mum & Dad were both sat in the living room, I looked at mum who looked alright, I breathed a sigh of relief “Sit down sweetie” I sat on the armchair opposite the sofa where they both sat. “Mum, Dad.…what’s up?” I could feel my voice shaking but tried to hide it, they didn’t say anything. I looked at them & smiles creeped on to their faces. I was confused. “Okay, what’s going on?” “we have agreed to pay for one of your friends to fly over for a few weeks, but only one” Mum beamed at me. I felt my jaw drop, I just sat in silence. “Wha…What?” Was all I managed to get out. “Really?!” “Yes, your mother explained that you was missing your friends back home & I feel partly responsible for that so I thought, I’d bring home to you” said my Dad. I jumped up & dived on them both, giving them massive hugs. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” Was all I could say, I know who I was going to ask I just hope they could get here. “It will have to be when you’ve got time off unless their parents say they can have a few weeks off college” Dad smiled. “Thank you both so much, this means so much to me. I really don’t know what to say” My face was beginning to hurt from smiling so much! “We just want you to be happy here” I gave Mum another hug. “Sooo…who you gonna ask?” Stephanie walked in & asked, I knew but didn’t want to say. “I’m not sure yet” I smiled at them, feeling bad for lying to them after they’ve been so good to me just now. This was the happiest I’ve been in so long. “I’m gonna make some breakfast, is that okay?” “This is your house Bella, you don’t need to ask” I got up off the sofa & walked towards the kitchen. The tiles wamer beneath my feet was a new feeling since back home our kitchen floor tiles were always cold. I grabbed the loaf of bread out of the bread bin & pulled two slices out of the packet, I placed them in the toaster & pushed them down. I stood staring out the window, could see an old woman across the road pruning her bushes & a little dog on the garden, just as I was about to put the kettle on the door bell rang “I’ll get it” I shouted through to Mum & Dad, I walked to the door & they knocked on the door “One second, I’m coming” I opened the dor & saw Beau from next door stood there. He looked gorgeous, he was wearing a reddish vest top, navy blue shorts, white vans & a light blue snapback, I just stood staring at him. “Hey!” He broke the silence & I snapped out of it. “Hiya, can I help you?” I smiled at him & he smiled back which made me melt inside. “Ermm yeah I know you’re new around here….obviously” He laughed, which made me giggle like a schoolgirl “So I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out with me & the guys later? You won’t be the only girl there Sarah, James’ girlfriend will be there” I was a little taken back, I’d not be in Australia that long & was already being asked out, but he was hot so I agreed “Cool, what’s your number & I’ll text you when the lads get back?” “Oh crap, I dunno, just got a new phone & obviously number is English so it won’t work over here, I’ll take yours” I pulled my phone out of my shorts pocket & handed it to him. He quickly tapped his number in & gave me the phone back “Thanks, I’ll text you in a bit so you get my number yeah?” “Okay, awesome, well I’ll see you later yeah?” I nodded & he walked off. I walked back into the kitchen with a smile on my face, my toast had popped up & was now cold, I sighed & chucked it in to the bin. I was sweating from the heat so decided to jump in the shower “Going in the shower!” I told Mum & Dad and ran up to the bathroom. After the shower I went & sat on my bed in the towel, I felt the water drying on my shoulders from the heat in my bedroom, it was like a sauna. I tightened the towel & went to open the window, there was no breeze coming in at all. I fanned myself with a magazine & popped my iPod in the dock & pressed play. ‘Call Me Maybe’ by ‘Carly Rae Jepson’ blared out “I threw a wish in the well, don’t ask me I’ll never tell, I looked at you as it fell & now you’re in my way” I sung loudly & more than likely out of key. I dropped the towel & pulled on some underwear, I looked through my wardrobe & realised I don’t own hardly any summer clothes, I sighed & decided on shorts, a baggy vest top which is open at the sides & a bandeau top, I chucked my hair into a messy bun & left it at that. I grabbed my phone off the bed & texted Beau “Hey, it’s Bella from next door, here’s my number :) xx” within minutes he text me back “Hey, thanks, heard u singing call me maybe :P xx”  “Oh crap” I said to myself. “lolz oh god, didn’t think anyone heard me xx” I had a little giggle to myself as I sent the text “I think miss lowel over the road heard u babes lmao xx” safe to say I was a little embarrassed. “I wasn’t that loud I’m sure :P xx” I felt like a schoolgirl with a crush right now but it was a good feeling “trust me u were haha xx” I didn’t bother replying, I just locked my phone & opened up the laptop.
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