<3 chances <3

when Isabella has to move to Australia because her parents have got new jobs there she is annoyed at first but as time moves on she becomes happier. She begins to hang out with a group of pranksters called the Janoskians and they soon become her best friends. Then she falls in love with one of them..............


1. moving day


Rolling over, I slammed my hand down on the ringing alarm clock, looking over it was 5:30am, I groaned & pulled the duvet over my head. “Isabella, time to get up!” I heard my mother’s voice from downstairs, I closed my eyes and started drifting back to sleep, just has I was falling back to sleep, my bedroom door swung open. “BELLA COME ON! WE’RE MOVING TODAYY!” it was my little brother bouncing around my room, about 20 seconds later his twin came in & jumped straight on my bed & began bouncing, Callum joined him straight away. “Max, Callum, get out!” I yelled and pushed them off the bed “I’m up, now leave!” I shouted at them, they got up on the floor, giggled & ran out. “DON’T SHUT THE DOOR THEN!” I screamed. I rubbed my eyes & looked around my now empty room, my once picture covered walls were bare & the dresser I’d had 5 years that was once covered in perfume bottles & makeup was empty. Soon my older Stephanie sister came in "heres the clothes dad ironed for you,"  "Thanks,"  Today was the day, the day my mother and father were dragging me to a completely different country, somewhere I’d never been, to live with someone I’d never met or even spoke to, all because they got new jobs. I clambered out of bed, pulling my PJ shorts off and chucking them in the suitcase, I grabbed the outfit my sister gave me and put it on. My parents had ironed my high waist jean shorts and navy tank top, apparently it’s summer there, so I ain’t roasting like a potato as soon as we land. “Bella, I hope you’re up” my dad shouted up. “I’M UP!” I yelled back to him, I chucked my PJ top into the suitcase & closed it. “Well we’re leaving in half an hour, come get breakfast” my mum sounded stressed, I sighed as I scraped my hair into a messy bun, grabbing the last of my things, I took one last look at my bedroom, this had been my room for 17 years, the next bedroom I would have would be in some new house, in a completely different country. I chucked my suitcase at the bottom of the stairs & walked in to the kitchen, “Mum, Dad, tell me again why you’re dragging me to the other side of the world, away from all my friends?” I asked them as I sat at the kitchen table. “we are not having this conversation again, I’ve got too much to do today” I watched them as pace around the kitchen, my mum constantly checking her bag to make sure the plane tickets & passports were in there. “Mum, Dad, I just don’t understand why you had to take the job offers!" “Bella! not now! Will you please make sure your brothers are dressed?” I shooked my head & rolled my eyes & walked into the living where the twins were running round the now empty living room. “Guys, finish getting ready, we’re leaving soon!” They pulled their matching t-shirts on & smiled on me, I half-smiled back. “DONE!” They both say at the same time, I hear a car horn outside, guess it’s time, the twins run past me out of the room, leaving me standing on my own, I look around & get flashback of the past 17 years in this house, from the birthday parties, to the christmas parties we held every year. “Isabella! For the last time, come on!” My mum shouted from the front door. “I’m coming!” I grunted, turned on my heel & left the house I’d lived in for my entire life.
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