Harry saves a life

Harry had just finIshed doing a concert and he wanted to see if anyone he knew came so he walked around he did not see anyone so he walked deeper in he saw his old friend and talked to him for a while until he had to go then Harry thought Mabey there's more people all of a sudden he heard loud music and he saw a car driving as if the driver was drunk and then a boy was walking across but the driver had his eyes closed so first Harry started to run to save the boy but then he stopped and said what if I save the boy but I die but he just began running a gain and then he grabbed the boy and........


2. Is he alright?

Harry openness his eyes and he was a live then he looked in his arms and the boy was there then he looked up and the car flipped over. Later he saw the concert on the news and then just him about how he saved a life he had never been more happy. about a hour later there was a ring at the door bell he opened the door and there was a whole bunch of people and a news reporter came up to him and said "how do you feel about puting your dad in the hospital?"
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