Moving into Death

Rylee, a lonely 10 year old girl finds an interesting looking gemstone while exploring in the garden of her new home. She soon becomes captivated by it and, oblivious to its actual power as a magic crystal, takes it home. After a while, when she notices some weird goings-on around the house, valuables going missing, people getting hurt etc she becomes apprehensive. She tries to tell her parents to no avail. Will she be able to convince them of the crystal's true powers before it's too late for them all?


6. School

A week later, we still hadn't found mam's ring, but more important than that, I still hadn't found Crystal and I was really scared. Mam and Dad noticed my weird behaviour and sat me down to talk about it. I told them that I was just bored and lonely because I hadn't made any friends yet on account of the remote location of our new home. Dad said that that would all change soon as I was to start school in just under a week. I feigned excitement but really I was dreading it. Although I was bored out of my skull at home, I would still choose that over going to a private school with snooty children and even an ugly, yet compulsory, uniform.


Next Monday, I was eating breakfast in an attempt to look remotely like I wanted to go to school. I faked a smile every time I caught my Mam or Dad's eye. After I finished my 'healthy' breakfast of Coco Pops, sausages and rashers, I went up to my room to be awaited by the eye-sore that was my new uniform. I was tempted to rip it up right that minute but decided not to because I would get in serious trouble with Mam and Dad. The uniform consisted of a grey shirt, a maroon blazer, grey trousers or a skirt for the girls - I hated skirts, they always went haywire and showed my knickers whenever I galloped in them - black shoes and even a maroon beret for the girls! Oh how I longed to be a boy.


I went to school on the bus, an agonisingly loud 20 minute journey. I breathed a sigh of relief when I stepped off the nauseating, stuffy bus. I couldn't believe that I would have to go to school like that every day for the whole year.


As I walked in through the double doors at the front of the school, I realised how different it was in contrast to my old school. First of all, the sheer size of the joint, the uniform and lastly, the well-behaved students. It seemed that, as soon as they entered school property, they became robots. Impeccably-behaved, perfectly-dressed robots.

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