Moving into Death

Rylee, a lonely 10 year old girl finds an interesting looking gemstone while exploring in the garden of her new home. She soon becomes captivated by it and, oblivious to its actual power as a magic crystal, takes it home. After a while, when she notices some weird goings-on around the house, valuables going missing, people getting hurt etc she becomes apprehensive. She tries to tell her parents to no avail. Will she be able to convince them of the crystal's true powers before it's too late for them all?


3. New Friend

When I got into the house, I went upstairs to what would be my room.The walls were still unpainted in the decent-sized room and ther were boxes all over the place. My bed was the only thing in perfect order. I went and sat on my bed after closing the door, then pulled the crystal out of my pocket.


It was beautiful. The shiny purple sides reflected my slightly awed face. My short chesnut hair was messy and tangled, my moss-green eyes sparkly and excited.

Did it really talk to me?, I wondered excitedly. Of course not, I thought. I'm crazy.


"Ryleeeeeee" The lonely voice that sounded ghostlike came from the crystal.

I knew it!, I thought.

"Ryleeeeeee," It repeated. "Please be our friend. We are lonely, just like you. We know you are lonely, Rylee. No friends or siblings, parents not interested. You are just like us. We need a friend too. Lets be friends."

"O-okay." I stammered.


"Yay!" A child-like giggle. "Lets play together like friends do! I want to play hide and seek!"

"Wh-whats your name?" I asked, a little scared, but a little excited.


Another giggle. "You'd better go Rylee. Your Daddy wants you for dinner" Lots of laughter, like a roomful of people laughing. "Well not FOR dinner."

A voice, not the same one, like an old mans voice whispered "Yet" so silently, I thought I didn't hear it. I passed it off as my imagination.


Suddenly, Dad did call. "Rylee! I said dinner!"

"See you later," A thousand voices whispered as I left the room. How weird was that?

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