Moving into Death

Rylee, a lonely 10 year old girl finds an interesting looking gemstone while exploring in the garden of her new home. She soon becomes captivated by it and, oblivious to its actual power as a magic crystal, takes it home. After a while, when she notices some weird goings-on around the house, valuables going missing, people getting hurt etc she becomes apprehensive. She tries to tell her parents to no avail. Will she be able to convince them of the crystal's true powers before it's too late for them all?


4. Name

After dinner, I made my way back to my new room. Dinner had been pretty uneventful, Dad had been stressed with the moving so he had been snappy. I decided it was best to leave him alone for a few days.


I sat on the bed again and gently touched the crystal.

"Hello again, Rylee." Came the ghost-child's voice again.

"Hello." I whispered back. "So anyway, what's your name?"

"My name is...... well none of us have names. We can't remember them. But you can call me Crystal." She giggled at the pun.

"Yo-you forgot your name?" I stammered.

"Yesssssss" She hissed.


"So anyway. We should play hide and seek!" She laughed.

"O-okay. How do you plan to do that, though."

"Close your eyes," Crystal breathed.

I obeyed apprehensively.

"Count to ten." 

I counted to ten in my head.


When I opened my eyes, I couldn't find the crystal anywhere. I hunted and searched all over the place, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Later, I began to panic. I had searched for two hours, to no avail.

I was scared. I knew the crystal could talk and move itself. It could do anything! It was a disaster just waiting to happen.


Three hours later, too exhausted to move, I lay on my bed and wept.

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