Moving into Death

Rylee, a lonely 10 year old girl finds an interesting looking gemstone while exploring in the garden of her new home. She soon becomes captivated by it and, oblivious to its actual power as a magic crystal, takes it home. After a while, when she notices some weird goings-on around the house, valuables going missing, people getting hurt etc she becomes apprehensive. She tries to tell her parents to no avail. Will she be able to convince them of the crystal's true powers before it's too late for them all?


7. Georgia

One of these robot-children came up to me as I wandered into the building.

"Hiya, you must be Rylee?" She asked in a high-pitched voice. Her silvery-blond hair was put in a tight bun and her teal blue eyes looked curious.

"How could you tell?" I wondered.

"I'm the school people-watcher and declared know-it-all." She laughed and held out a hand. "The name's Georgia."

"Rylee." I replied.

She giggled. "I know."


I hadn't expected to make a new friend so quickly, but as the day progressed, it became evident that I had a friend in Georgia. I liked her, she was funny, knowing and just great crack. We shared all the same classes being still in primary, so Georgia filled me in on all the teachers, how hard they were on homework, who would be likely to pick on you, et cetera.


By the end of the day I had got to know the school, mostly. As we were leaving school to get on the bus (we had the same one) I asked Georgia if she wanted to come round my house at the weekend. She accepted. Nearing my stop she asked;

"D'ya wanna be best friends?" With a shy grin.

"Sure!" I grinned back.

I almost felt like we had been best friends forever.


Mam and Dad were delighted that I had already made a new friend, but still a bit worried about the ring. Worried myself, I let them get on with it. Even though I was still worried about the missing Crystal, I went to bed with one less thing to worry about; being lonely.

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