Moving into Death

Rylee, a lonely 10 year old girl finds an interesting looking gemstone while exploring in the garden of her new home. She soon becomes captivated by it and, oblivious to its actual power as a magic crystal, takes it home. After a while, when she notices some weird goings-on around the house, valuables going missing, people getting hurt etc she becomes apprehensive. She tries to tell her parents to no avail. Will she be able to convince them of the crystal's true powers before it's too late for them all?


1. First Impressions

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when we moved into our new home in the country. All seemed well, the rustic stone blocks and idyllic location beautifully complimented by the summer sun beaming through the tall oak trees at the bottom of the huge garden behind the house.

Little did we know that just a few weeks later we would be terrorised out of our so-called dream home.

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