A young group of friends decide to break into and camp out in there high school, but when they wake up, something's very wrong.


1. Rude awakenings

"urgh where are we?" Ashleigh said as we all got up slowly. The night before was new year and typically, we were all drinking. "oh god it feels like I've got a crow bar wedged in my skull, and I know where we are" I said as I lifted my arm noticing I was handcuffed to a radiator.

"where are we?" Erin asked. I hesitated to answer.  "your in the school" a familiar voice belted from one end of the corridor that we all appeared to have passed out in,I still didn't understand the hand cuffs... "oh god Christopher don't shout like that, my brain is melting" Emma said as she slowly stood up and brushed herself down, but still...handcuffs? WHY?! We all watched as Ross Christopher and kyle stumbled up the corridor , obviously not trying to be quiet.everyone stood up and looked around, as if they had never seen the school before, or any building for that matter.  "Morgan, get up you lazy shit" Erin said ever so kindly. "I can't" I slurred as my brain decided I wanted to sleep again. "why?" they all asked like I was lying. Instead of answering them I simply lifted my arm along with the tightly attached hand cuffs and waited for one of them to say something...or help, you know whatever they felt like doing. "well that's emm, unusual?" Erin said "kinky" Ross said as he tried to get them off me, and, he managed  "I'm free!" I yelled and then remembered my headache.  "wait, where's Adam?" I asked. "yeah where is he? Should we go look for him?" Christopher asked "no we should just leave him wherever he is passed out" Emma said sarcastically.  "I say we go look for him, he's bound to be in the school somewhere, new block?" Kyle said , positively  "yeah let's look...after I throw up" Ashleigh said as she suddenly ran through the corridor and into the girls bathroom, we all stared in amusement. "I love how even though she's a second away from throwing up she still ran further just to go the the GIRLS bathroom" I said as we all kept blankly staring down the corridor. Then we all heard a horrifying shriek come from the bathroom as Ashleigh ran out as if she had just seen a ghost. I don't know what bothered us more , what she was screaming about or the fact she screamed when we were hung over. "Ashleigh what the fuck?!" Erin shouted covering her ears. " I saw someone in the bathroom!" she said , her eyes watered and she was breathing heavily. "oh she's scared of people now, brilliant..." Christopher said rolling his eyes "shut up Christopher this is serious" I said, one arm around Ashleigh trying to calm her down. "okay Ashleigh explain to us , what exactly was in that bathroom" I said reassuringly. "a-a girl, she was alive, but she looked dead, it was horrible!" she slammed her head into my shoulders. At least because of the panicking our hangovers at worn off a  bit...minus holly being round the corner with her head slammed in a bin vomiting. "I say we go back and check" said Christopher. "not yet" Kyle said "I think we should go get Adam" "he had a point" I agreed with Kyle , I mean id rather get to Adam before we chase that girl into him. "Okay, lets go" said Erin , we all got up , grabbed anything we could use as a weapon...hard to find in a school might I add and left.

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