The Unforgettable Summer

Natalie and her two friends rented a cottage on a lake for a month. What they don't know is that a popular band, One Direction, bought a cottage next door. What will happen when sparks fly between a fellow directioner and a band member?


2. The movie

Natalies POV

I waited for an answer.

"Oh. Right. Hi" Harry said after a short pause.

"So..."I replied. Why did he give me his number if he wasn't going to say anything?

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime but if you don't thats okay to. Never mind that was a bad question."Harry was talking a million words a minute.

I interrupted him."I would love to Harry."

"Awesome! I mean cool. Do you want to come to my cottage this evening and watch a film with me then?"Harry cooly asked

My face turned a deep red." Sure. Text me your address."

"Okay. Goodbye then." Harry replied

"Goodbye" I whispered into the phone.

"OHMIGOD!!" I screamed

"What is it now?" called an exasperated Olivia

"I have a date with Harry Styles."

Bella and Olivia helped me get ready for the movie. We picked out a blazer with a tanktop and jean cutoffs. It seemed very Harry-esque. I curled my hair a little and put on sparkly eyeshadow. The last thing I needed to do was mapquest his cottage. I typed in the address and found that Harry lives next door to me. 

I knocked on the door and someone screamed, "I got it!" and then someone else screamed, "NO ITS FOR ME!"

Louis opened the door with a puzzled look. Harry was beside him. "Hey." they both said in unision

"The boys (Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall) are going to the beach party so it will just be us two." Harry said quickly

"Oh. Right. Well nice meeting you. Bye." Louis replied.

The boys followed Louis out the door.

"Wait what beach party?" asked a confused Niall

"Just get in the car."Liam whispered angrily.

They drove away and then it was just me and Harry. He gave me a tour of the spacious cottage and then took me to the living room to watch Bambi. He made popcorn and we talked for a while about each other and got to know each other pretty well. My head was laying in his lap and i fell asleep within minutes after finishing our conversation. 


Harrys POV

I paused a short second and then finally came back to my senses.

"Oh. Right. Hi." I said nervously. I was going to ask her out.

"So.." Natalie said anxiously. She was probably wondering why I gave her my number. I became nervous.

My heart was pounding. "Well, I wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime but if you don't thats ok to.Never mind that was a bad question." I was talking fast and I was regretting what I just said.

"I'd love to Harry." those four words brought me back to Earth.

"Awesome! I mean cool. Do you want to come to my cottage this evening and watch a film with me then?" I asked nervously.

"Sure. Text me your address" She said sweetly

"Okay. Goodbye then." I responded

I hung up, not hearing what the last thing she said was. 

"EVERYONE CLEANUP NOW!" I shouted. I didn't want Natalie to see the house in bad shape. 

After forty-five minutes of cleaning, I heard a knock at the door.

"I got it." Louis said.

"NO ITS FOR ME!" I shouted.

Louis opened the door and I was standing next to him examining how hot Natalie looked.

"Hey" I said at the same time Louis did.

I forgot to tell the boys about Natalie.

"The boys are going to a beach party so it will just be us two." I made up

Louis looked at me and i nudged him. "Oh. Right. Well nice meeting you." Louis played along. I called all of the boys down.

There was a conversation between Niall and Liam but it was just back round noises. I was staring at Natalie. I then showed her around  a bit. I popped some popcorn and put in Bambi, my favorite first date movie.Natalie and I talked for a while about each other and it turns out we were neighbors. We then stopped talking and she laid her head on my lap and fell asleep. I stared at her. She was so cute when she was sleeping.


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