The Unforgettable Summer

Natalie and her two friends rented a cottage on a lake for a month. What they don't know is that a popular band, One Direction, bought a cottage next door. What will happen when sparks fly between a fellow directioner and a band member?


7. Missing

Natalies POV

I walked over to Niall's cottage with a whole plan of what I would say. I was going to ask him if he wanted to date me secretly while I dated Harry. It would work. When I walked in and saw Niall kissing Bella and Niall was untying Bella's bikini, I ran. I ran down the sand, past my cottage, and past the public beach, I ran into a small ice crem parlor. When I fist started running, I could hear Niall screaming,"Its not what you think." If he really wanted me, he'd follow me  and apologize and own up to the fact that he was going to have- my thoughts were interrupted by the ice cream lady giving me my triple chocolate cone. Ice cream is my ultimate comfort food. So as I sat there eating my ice cream, I realized how dumb it was of me to think I would get away with two guys from the same band.I knew all I wanted was Harry. Then I thought how stupid it was for Niall to kiss me and then try to bang my best friend. I was not mad at Bella. She didn't know that I was coming over to ask Niall out and Bella did not see the kiss because she was swimming. I looked at my hand and noticed the cone was gone. I just sat at the ice cream parlor, alone with my thoughts. The shop was closing soon so I made my two hour walk back to the cottage. When I finally arrived, noone was around so I went to bed. It was a long day.   

Harry's POV

After waiting an hour after Natalie left, I decided I should go back to my cottage to see what was taking so long. I walked in and Bella was asleep on the couch and Niall was eating.

"Where's Natalie?" I asked.

"She ran away." Niall answered casually.

"What?" I shouted

"She ran down the beach." he said

"How long ago?" I questioned

"Like an hour."

How could Niall let her do something like that? What if she got kidnapped? Or worse? I set up search teams. Louis was going on the boat to see if she went swimming. Olivia and Zayn were going towards the marina., I was going to search her house and call her. Liam was searching the streets. I was worried sick about her. What if she was drowning? I looked in her house all over and called her like fifty time but there was no sign of her. I went to go talk to Niall some more about what happened.

I walked into Niall's messy room and asked,"What exactly happened?"

"She came into the house and ran out the door towards the public beach."

I totally forgot about the public beach so I ran into my car and drove. I knew I would find her but there was no one there. I called everyone in from their search teams and we decided to wait and see if she would come the next day.


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