The Unforgettable Summer

Natalie and her two friends rented a cottage on a lake for a month. What they don't know is that a popular band, One Direction, bought a cottage next door. What will happen when sparks fly between a fellow directioner and a band member?


8. Found

I woke up early and made some tea for myself. No one else was awake so I made one. I sat drinking my tea asking myself,'where did everyone go last night?' I heard Bella and Olivia come in around 2 am and they were crying and ranting on about how they were going to call and report a missing person the next day. I wonder who was missing? It took me two seconds after that to realize they were looking for me so I bolted upstairs and woke them both up. I told them everything that happened.

"Thank god you're okay and Niall is a jerk!" Olivia exclaimed

I called Harry after talking to my friends. He answered immediatley. 

"WHERE ARE YOU?" he screamed and then called everyone down except Niall.

"I'm next door. Come over asap." I said and then hung up

In literally ten second Harry ran into the house with Liam, Zayn, and Louis after him. I told them everything except that I was planning on asking Niall out.

"I'm glad you're okay." Harry said

"I think Liam, Zayn, and I should talk to Niall."Louis commented

The three of them left and Harry stayed with me. He looked into my eyes and pecked me on the cheek. I was happy to be back with my one and only.


Harry's POV

When I got back from the public beach, I ran upstairs so that no one could see my tears. When I got to my room, I put on my headphones and blasted Radiohead. It made me less sad and more angry. I was mad at Niall for letting Natalie run away. I mean, who does that?I couldn't sleep without knowing Natalie was safe so I stayed up and stared at my phone for three hours to see if she'd call. I drifted asleep for a couple hours and awoke. My phone didn't even ring and I answered it. It was Natalie

"WHERE ARE YOU?!?" I screamed and then called all the boys except Niall.

"I'm next door come over asap." I missed the sound of her voice. By the time she hung up, I was already over at her house with Liam,Louis, and Zayn. When we got there, she explained everything that happened. 

"I'm glad you're okay."I said.

Liam, Zayn, and Louis left to go talk to Niall afterwards. I decided not to go with them because I knew I would just get upset and angry and I would get in a fight with Niall. I also missed Natalie. I pecked her on the cheek, glad to have her back.


I will post another chapter later today if i have time <3


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