The Unforgettable Summer

Natalie and her two friends rented a cottage on a lake for a month. What they don't know is that a popular band, One Direction, bought a cottage next door. What will happen when sparks fly between a fellow directioner and a band member?


9. Apologies

No ones POV

Liam, Louis, and Zayn went to see if Niall would explain himself to them. They woke him up, fed him, and tried to make smalltalk.

"Okay, enough of this smalltalk, we wanna know what your issues are." Liam said sternly 

"Well, I had a huge crush on Natalie and then I kissed her because I thought maybe she would see how great a guy I was. When she started crying, I noticed how big of a jerk I was when she started crying. I wanted her to see that I was actually a jerk so I pretended to kiss her friend bella and played with the back of her bikini when she walked in." He blurted

"Wow. Why didn't you tell us that earlier?"asked Zayn

"I don't know. I just feel really bad about everything though. I'm sorry guys." Niall said

"Maybe you should tell that to Natalie." Louis suggested

Natalie's POV

Niall and the boys walked into my cottage a half an hour later. Niall sat down next to me and told everyone to leave.

"I'm really sorry. It's a long story but I was not going to you know.. with Bella. I just faked it because I didn't want you to make the mistake of dumping Harry or something like that."Niall said apologetically. 

"It's alright. I understand. Can we be friendies?"I asked playfully

"Of course."

We hugged and then Niall said he was going to go talk to Harry

Harry's POV

I went out to the lake and walked along the shore. I forgot how lucky I was to have Natalie. She had so much in common with me and she's beautiful.I was still pretty angry at Niall so when he walked beside me, I was a little pissed off.

Niall explained everything to me and apologized like fifty times.

"It's okay. I get it now. I mean I just wanna remain friends." I said

"Of course." he high fived.

"Natalie, I have to talk to you." I whispered in Natalie's ear when I got inside.

I pulled her towards me and picked her up and took her to a spot on the shore.

"Well, the boys and I have to go back on tour in three days." I finally spilled after a moment of silence

"Oh."She said disapointedly

"But I want you to have my cottage." I said

"No!" she exclaimed

"Please. I know your rent is almost up and I still want you to enjoy your summer."

"Fine. But you have to let me plan a goodbye party for you and the boys." she suggested

"Fine." I agreed.



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