Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


2. The Plane Ride

Mary drove me to the airport and the whole car ride was silent. I guess neither of us really new what to say it was the same as all my other families you get kind of attached then your ripped away. Anyway it took us around 30 minutes to get to the airport so when I arrived it was 10 to 9 so I had arrived and hour and ten minutes early. I checked in getting my plane ticket from the front and placing my suitcase, keyboard and guitar on the line. After that I hugged Mary one last time and headed out to the waiting area with my bag on the ground at my feet. The wait felt longer then it actually was I sat in front of the window looking out at the greenery, the sun, the amazing blue sky when a lady spoke over the speaker:

"10 o'clock flight to England, London now boarding, and please have your tickets ready, Thank You"

I grabbed my stuff and headed over to the double doors where there was a stewardess waiting I handed her my ticket and walked through the doors where a second stewardess lead me to my seat in first class, I would have been fine with the normal seats as long as I got a window seat. I sat down starring out the window as the final passengers started boarding a couple minutes before the the doors closed a group of guys got on followed by 3 guys, 2 big ones in black outfits and one just in jeans and a casual shirt, all together there where 8 the 3 big guys a row behind me 3 of the younger ones behind me and 2 next to me. They all seemed overly excited which was really annoying to me cause my life was a shithole and they looked like a bunch of rich kids talking to each other. At that point I just wanted to zone out hopefully it would make the flight go by faster. Just as the doors closed a stewardess called me over the speaker phone,

"Could Miss. Calder, please make her way to the front there seems to a be problem with you luggage, Miss Calder please make your way to the front, Thank you"

With that I stood up as the 5 guys around me just looked at me confused, I made my way past the 2 people I was siting next to and walked to the front of the plain.


(A couple minutes earlier)

*Louis's POV*

It was our last day in Sydney, Australia as we walked past all out screaming fans we waved took a couple of pictures and tried to sign a few autographs but I guess we were late because all of the sudden Paul and 2 other security guards whisked us away and onto the plane were we took the last 5 seats in first class. I sat next to Harry with a girl on my right she looked a couple years younger then us but not too much. She didnt really look in the mood to talk so I just talked with the rest of the boys since Zayn, Liam and Niall where in the row behind us. They started closing up the doors but just before we could leave there was an announcement over the speaker:

"Could Miss. Calder, please make her way to the front there seems to a be problem with you luggage, Miss Calder please make your way to the front, Thank you"

What? Miss. Calder and just then the girl next to me stood up brushing past me and Harry as we all looked at each other then to her all confused. Since my girlfriend Eleanor had the same last name and she has never mentioned any of her relatives being in Australia. As she got up to the front I pretended I needed to go to the bathroom before we took off and made my way up to the front to listen in on the conversation because this was crazy.


*Isabella's POV*

I got up to the front where the lady was waiting for me,

"Hi Im Isabella Calder, Um is there something wrong?" I asked not sure what was going on,

"Yes, but it seems that your pre-paid ticket doesnt pay for all the luggage you have handed us, so unless you pay now we have to leave it here and you will need to have it separately sent over to London" She said,

"What?, I can't leave it here my keyboard or guitar could get ruined and I need my clothes, isnt there anything else I could do?" That is where the boy I was sitting next to came up and and joined the conversation,

"Why don't you put her stuff with ours and I will pay for it" He implied,

"No don't worry, Um can't we just take it and get my dad to pay for it when we get to London?" I asked hopefully,

"Im sorry we can't do that so you can either take this polite young mans offer or leave something behind for shipping later?" She said getting a bit impatient now,

"Um ok, If he doesn't mind just put it with his stuff" I said giving him a thankful smile even though I really wasnt in the mood, because now I would have to talk to him, even though right now I didn't want to talk to anybody.

"So Sir is it alright if put her stuff with yours" She asked turning to him,

"Yea its fine go ahead" he said smiling back at me,

"Ok now if you would be so kind to return to your seats we will be leaving immediately" She said turning to go talk to the crew or whoever it was.

"After you" he said holding out his arm,

"Um thanks" I said returning to my seat as the boys where still looking at me, It was kind of uncomfortable now so I just stared out the window, cause I really didn't know what else to do. The boy sat down next to me holding out his hand,

"Im Louis, but your probably already knew that, so what is your name?" he asked,

"Um, Hi im Isabella, so uh what did you mean I probably already knew that?" At this point I was extremely confused, did we go to school together or something actually probably not he looked maybe 2 years older then me and had a British accent so he probably wasn't from Australia.

"You mean you don't know who we are?" He said just as confused as me as the other four boys popped there heads out from hiding waving at me. This flight was going to be extremely awkward I can tell.

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