Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


9. The First Fan

*Harry's POV*

"Sing it for me" I asked, really excited to hear her sing again,

"No way" she replied with a slight laugh at the end,

"Why not, your an amazing singer, I don't get why your so shy about it" I asked stopping her in her tracks,

"I don't its just when it comes to music, otherwise im fine, im not shy, im not quiet, im not afraid to be noticed or speak up" I stated looking at him,

"Well maybe that is the next thing i can help you with, anyway could you just sing a little bit of it, for me pleaseee" I said sounding a bit babyish at the end,

"No, i don't have a guitar or keyboard and Demi isn't here, I can't sing it without her, it just wouldn't feel right" She said as she started to walk down the road again, I followed behind her for a bit before catching up and walking next to her.


*Izzie's POV*

Soon the sun started to rise and we could finally tell where we where going without running into anything,

"Aren't you cold, you're in shorts and a off the shoulder jumper and have been walking the streets of London all night" He said sounding surprised,

"Not really, like i got a bit cold at one stage but it went away and what about you jeans and a short sleeve shirt?" I asked raising an eyebrow,

"Im used to it ive lived here longer, but you have live din Australia like all you life its warm over there, doesn't it feel really different"

"Yea its different i just don't get that cold, anyway theres a street sign up there call Louis and see if her can come pick us up" I said pointing at a street sign like 2 houses up, we ran up to it to get a better look at the name as Harry pulled out his phone and started texting Louis the name of the street and the number of the house we where in front of,

"Ok Louis said he is on his way, we just have to sit here and wait" he said dropping to the ground as I sat next to him, it was a nice place, quiet street, some nice little houses around and all of the sudden a little girl came around the corner with her cute little dog and looked straight at Harry then started screaming, Harry's reaction was priceless, she soon started running over to him,

"Oh Mi God, Harry Styles what are you doing here?, wait why am I asking Im standing in front of Harry freaking Styles, Aaaaaah" she screamed, it was pretty funny, she was quite speechless,

"Haha Yea, How are you love?" Harry replied sweetly,

"Um, Amazing since Im talking to you"

"So whats your name?" he asked,

"Angie" she replied smiling like crazy and giggling,

"Thats a lovely name, but I don't really have anything to sign for you Angie because I was out with my friend last night" he said pointing to me as i waved, "and I didn't bring anything to give you" it was amazing how she understood, she was adorable especially with her little dog,

"Would you mind if I ask for a hug and a picture" she said shyly,

"Of course not" Harry replied, as he stood and hugged her I took a picture on my phone and again when she posed with him, I don't know why she had twitter but she told me her username to tag her in the pics and walked away proudly,

"Um how old do you think she was?" I asked Harry,

"I don't know about 10 maybe younger, Why?" he replied looking at me,

"Because she wrote her twitter username in a note on my iphone" I said holding it up to him, before we both burst out laughing, just as we started to calm down we heard a car horn and looked up to see Louis pulled up on the side of the road starring at us like we where maniacs,

"Were normal I swear" I said raising my hand like I as taking an oath,

"Im sure, hey wait have you always had that tattoo, " Louis replied pointing to my wrist as Harry and I got in the car,

"Yea why" I said looking at him funny,

"I just haven't seen it before, whats it say?" he asked as Harry grabbed my wrist looking at it,


"Nice, inspirational i like it" he laughed,

"I have another one on my hip as well, it says If you lucky enough to be different, Don't ever change" I said pulling up my shirt slightly to reveal it,

"I can't change" Harry said showing me his tattoo which he quoted,

"Nice, I like it" i said laughing, "We match"

"We do to" he laughed,

"So what where you two up too last night" Louis asked winking,

"Nothing, we didn't get any sleep, we talked then walked around, and now all I wanna do is sleep" I said leaning my head against the window, I looked at my phone going into my photos and placing the pic of the little girl Angie and Harry together as my wallpaper, then i logged on to twitter following the little girl and all the boys on twitter, then uploading the 2 pictures and tagging both Angie and Harry,

"Naaw Look at these two Cuties!! @Angie_Directioner105 @Harry_Styles"

almost immediately Harry's phone beeped and he unlocked it starring at his phone before looking at me,

"haha really you uploaded the photo and followed that little girl" he said laughing,

"Yea why not, and you should as well make her day even though you kind f already have" I replied laughing with him, Soon my phone beeped as I checked it I saw someone had tweeted me,

"@iizziiCalder95 OMG you actually followed me and so did @Harry_Styles best day ever Thank you sooooo much"

"Haha you followed her, did you see the tweet"

"Sure did" he replied,

"What are you two on about back there" Louis asked confused,

"Nothing" I said smiling a cheeky grin as I tweeted Angie back, "@Angie_Directioner105 @Harry_Styles No problem Hun you made my day you are so adorable and your puppy is as well :P" after that I just closed my eyes for a bit while Harry and Louis talked.


*Harry's POV*

After a while Izzie feel asleep and Louis pulled up to Eleanor's place which is now Izzie's as well.I tried shaking her a bit but she was fast asleep last night must have taken heaps out of her especially having the plane ride in the same day. I carried her in bridal style as Eleanor came running outside to see Louis,

"What happened to you two last night?" she ask still wrapped around Louis,

"We kind of got lost and didn't sleep at all" I said turning side ways to get through the door, "plus she had the plane ride yesterday which probably took heaps out of her" I continued as I carried her up the stairs and placed her softly on her bed. I walked out slowly closing the door behind me and making my way back downstairs,

"Dude I am buggered" I said dropping onto the couch next to Louis,

"Poor Hazza, see what happens when you wonder off" he said smirking at me,

"Alright I get it anyway can you drive me home I need to sleep"

"No can do buddy, we have an interview soon, you have to get home change then we have to leave. El you wanna come?" Louis asked looking from me to El,

"I would love to but I can't I have to stay here with Isabella" she huffed,

"Hey thats not such a bad thing, she is amazing, trust me I spent the entire night with her, you just have to get to know her" I said trying not to get to excited I didin't want anyone to know I like her,

"Yea but she hates me" El sighed looking down,

"No she doesn't"

"How do you know" she said shooting a look at me,

"She told me"

"She seems to talk to you more then her own dad" Louis mentioned,

"Uh yea, anyway should we be going Louis" I asked to get off the topic,

"Yea, well El if Isabella wake ups and you two get bored call us, ok?" Louis said standing as he pecked el on the lips,

"Ok, cya guys" she said as I hugged her, then Louis and I left jumping into his car.

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