Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


5. The Agrument!

*Harry's POV*

After talking with Louis, Liam and Eleanor's dad I decided to go find Isabella to check if she is ok, As i made my way up the stairs I heard music coming from one of the rooms as I moved closer to the room I slowly opened the door to find Isabella sitting on the end of her bed lightly strumming her guitar and singing along to a song,

"A Doll House Is All That You Could See But It's So Far From My Reality I Got Problems, I Got Issues Sometimes It's All Too Much For Me Wrap It Up With A Pretty Little Bow But There Are Some Things You Can't Sugarcoat Give It To You Anyway Even Though It Won't Taste So Sweet

I Been Trying Trying Hold My Head Up High I Been Lying Lying Keeping It All Inside Maybe I Could Trust You, Yeah Take Another Leaf, I'm Broke Yeah Yeah?"

I slowly walked in behind her as she sung this,

"I'm Done, I Give Up I Don't Wanna Pretend No More That's It, So What I've Lost A Friend Before Gonna Say It Like It Is No More Wondering What If That Ain't The Way You Oughta Live Cause I Don't Want You To Love Me If You Don't Wanna Love Me For Me"

I got a bit caught up listening to her as my phone buzzed in my pocket and we both jumped a bit,

"Oh sorry, I uh um Came to see if you where ok, um but I heard you playing, your amazing" I said jumbling words and messing everything up, God I felt like an idiot,

"Oh uh thanks" she said quickly putting her guitar down, "So uh yea im fine",

"What was the song you where singing?" I asked trying to keep the conversation alive,

"Its Love me for me by Cher Lloyd"

"So you know who Cher Lloyd is but you don't know One Direction"

"Um I only know her because i always had to sit at home with one of my foster families and watch X Factor no matter what country it was from they never missed an X Factor episode, weird kind of" she said laughing at herself a bit,

"Yea we where on the same X Factor as Cher Lloyd, she is amazing and very funny"

"You where oh you where the band that came 3rd or something, right?" she asked,

"Yea thats us, so um you sure your ok cause the way you sung that song felt like you really connected with it so it doesn't really sound like your fine at all" I said looking at her as she dropped her head looking to the ground,

"It's nothing, ok but i think we should go downstairs" After that she grabbed her guitar and her song book and headed out the door, i followed her as she lead the way back to the others.


*Isabella's POV*

As I left my room with Harry right behind me I headed back down to where the others where.

"Hey honey" my dad said as I walked into the room with harry behind me,

"So what have you two been up to?" Louis asked winking,

"nothing, so is there somewhere I can play and not be interrupted?" I asked looking at my dad,

"Look honey I know your not exactly happy with me or moving here but ease up on your sister and her friends" he asked,

"Not exactly happy about the move how about miserable with the move and with you there are no words to describe what I feel towards you, Seriously you have ruined my life, and if it where up to me I wouldn't be anywhere near you or her" I said pointing towards Eleanor,

"Look Eleanor has nothing to do with this" he said trying to defend her,

"She obviously does since you decided she was worth more of your time then I ever was, wasn't that why you decided to pick up and leave everything you already had, or wasn't I good enough, huh?" I yelled with all the others sitting there staring at us, I wanted to stop, I didn't want them to know anymore but the anger that builds up over 13 years has to come out sometime and im guessing that was now,

"I had nothing we where leaving with hardly any money and in a crappy old house given to us by the government" My dad yelled back,

"The reason we had no money was because you spent it all on smokes and beers, and your wrong you had something... you had me but you lost me when you left me alone in that shithole, and now you want to make up for the 13 years I spent moving from foster home to foster home waiting for you to come get me, thats when I realised dreams and reality are two completely different things." Thats when he went silent and so was the rest of the room, I couldn't take it anymore my eyes where watering as I ran out into the back yard sitting in the darkness of the beck corner right up against the fence behind a tree.

I had my guitar in hand playing B.o.b. Airplanes featuring Hayley Williams I was singing along strumming on my guitar when I heard the back sliding door open and close thats when I heard Harry call my name,

"Isabella, I saw you run into the back corner and I just heard you singing, come out here"

I just sat there quiet hoping he might take that as a sign of I don't wanna talk,

"Look hiding away won't solve anything" he said started to step closer to where I was,

"Its worked for 13 years now and its doing a pretty good job as well" I said trying to make the sign more obvious again he didn't take it and wlaked over to me kneeling in front of me,

"After what I just saw it hasn't worked at all, now since I already now half the story and you need to talk and just let loose a bit, What is it between you and your dad?"

"I don't want to talk about it" I said looking down, even though i knew he knew I was lying,

"Yes you do, and you do talk about it" He said sitting down in front of me.

"What?" I never talk about it, so I have no idea what he mean't by i do talk about it,

"Through you songs, you sing songs that kind of describe you, just then asking for a wish, before the lyrics I heard you sing form the Cher Lloyd song, talking about how you hide your reality from others you keep your past bundled up inside but it all comes out when you sing" he said looking at me sympathetically,

"How is it that you have only known me for a couple of hours and your the only one that can see that"

"I guess I know how you feel in a way being a singer myself" he said looking down, "So you wanna talk to me or do I have to guess?"


I still didn't know if I could talk to him yet ive only known him for a couple of hours but he seems to be the only one that gets me out of all the people that ive meet, He wasn't get let me go without knowing what was going on so I might as well tell him now.


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