Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


8. Story Time

"Ok, heres what happened..." I started as he interrupted me,

"Look if your not comfortable talking about it don't tell me, I don't want you to feel forced into telling me" he said looking me in the eyes with his deep green eyes,

"I know i feel i can trust you enough to tell you what happened" i said looking back into his, that brought a smile to his face not that i could clearly see it because it was pretty dark, "so back to my story, I was 4 and my dad was always a drinker and smoker thats where all the money the government gave us went, straight to the corner shop or the pub, we where living in a shit hole he called a house, tiny as two bedrooms, bathroom, small kitchen, lounge room with no tv, no computer, we had no connection to anything or anyone, my clothes well lets say i would have preferred hand-me downs, anyway my dad went down to the pub monday night leaving me home alone as usual, well except this night it was different, I sat on the couch waiting and waiting" I stopped sighing, as Harry put his arm around me,

"and well waiting, and he never came back, I thought he just fell asleep somewhere, I realised a couple days later he wasn't ever coming back and started crying, still sitting on the couch after sleepless nights a neighbor heard me and called the police they came and called for a social worker, thats how I meet Vicky anyway I stayed with her until they found me a foster home, no one wanted to adopt me, so for 13 nearly 14 years I was dragged around from house to house nearly every year, sometimes i made a few friends but then I would have to leave them so at around 12 or 13 i just gave up went to school tried my best to keep up and moved then did it all again, Worst thing about foster homes when your older, people don't want you because they like you or care about you they want a free babysitter or cleaner" I said as tears started falling from my watery eyes, "A couple months ago I moved in with a kind, caring lady she had two twins, little devils but i loved them, and I finally felt comfortable then I get a call from Vicky, Hey love your dad wants your back" I could see Harry's head turn quickly to me through the corner of my eye, i laughed a little, "She didn't say it like that but thats pretty much how I hear it, anyway yea I get comfortable and I get a call saying someone who I haven't seen in 13 years wants me to move in with them"

"Harsh" he said, im guessing it wasn't meant to be out-loud cause he quickly looked at me,

"Don't worry its true, very harsh, so I packed and jumped on first class his way of trying to win me over, and I met some wonderful british boys, one not knowing when to shut-up" I said looking at him laughing,

"Heeeey" he said defensively, "Niall is Irish, and Im gonna tell him you said he didn't know when to shut-up" he chuckled,

"you know what I mean Mr. Styles" I giggled, "Anyway so thats pretty much the short version of my story, so what have you got?" I said looking at him waiting for a reply,

"Well before you said he hasn't given you a reason to forgive him, what did you mean by that?" he asked,

"Well if you had a daughter that you left and just out of the blue wanted her back what would be the first thing you say to her?" I asked knowing his answer already,

"Well I would start off with Im sorry, why?"

"The first thing my dad said to me, Wow you've grown since I last saw you, I was just standing there like No shit, I was expecting a sorry for leaving, or it was selfish and foolish of me to do that to you and you where so young, blah blah blah, but no you've grown since I left you in that house when you where 4 years old"

"Is that what your waiting for an apology?"

"Yea, why? is that stupid?" I asked,

"No, I was waiting for a car or money or something, you just want an apology" he asked surprised,

"Yea, its all I need, Ive got everything else, a keyboard, a guitar, an iphone an amazing new friend" I said gently pushing him, when his smile kind of dropped a bit as he looked down then he quickly shot back up smiling and looking at me


*Harry's POV*

We where talking about he story which she finally told me, and thats when I knew she was defiantly starting to open up and trust me, when she said I have everything a keyboard, a guitar, an iphone and an amazing new friend, thats what got to me, I was just a friend she was an amazing lovely beautiful girl that I really wanted to get to know and I was an amazing friend, maybe she doesn't want to date, I feel like an idiot.

"You know you are really different, different to a lot of girls ive met" I said trying to lighten the mood but i genuinely meant it,

"oh really? How?" she asked staring at me,

"I don't know but i like it" I replied, could i have made an even bigger fool of myself, My god maybe i could try shutting up,

"Well ok then, but im getting bored and..." she said looking down at her phone, "its nearly 1:30am, so wanna go for a walk" she asked,

"What? Louis told me to stay here until its light so I can tell him where to pick us up from" I replied shocked,

"Come on" she said jumping out of the tree, "Just a small walk"

"Ok fine but move away from the tree I can't see anything and I don't want to jump on you" I said giving in,

"Jump Ill catch you dear Romeo" she said slowly laughing,

"I have no faith in you what so ever"

"Oh how rude" She replied as I jumped down, she shined her phone and i made my way over to her, we walked side by side down the street, it was kind of like a lucky dip every now and again we would choose to turn somewhere. We talked about Australia, her life, her music when we got onto the subject of one of her friends who was also a amateur musician,

"Seriously, I started songs but never always finished them straight away the first song I ever finished was with one of my best friends when I was about 13 or 14, I have never forgotten her" 

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