Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


4. Meeting again

(couple minutes before)

*Louis's POV*

As we started to walk off the plane I saw Isabella next to me then she started to brought back a bit so I figured see went to talk to Niall who was behind me. When we got into the main part of the airport it was completely packed full of mostly fans and they where crazy loud. Thats when Eleanor came into sight, she said she was coming to meet me at the Airport, as she saw me she started running thats when I picked her up holding her in my arms, twirling her around as I placed her back on the ground, continuing to walk with my hand intertwined with hers.

"I missed you" I said looking into her eyes as we followed the boys,

"I missed you as well" she said cuddling into my side,

We started to sign some stuff and take photos but we had to rush through and get to the van. As we all jumped in the driver took off quickly making sure the girls were not in the way, when we got around the corner I realised Isabella wasnt with us anymore, and we still had her stuff.

"Guys what happened to Isabella?" I asked concerned,

"I thought she was with you" Niall responded,

"No she was next to me as we got off but then dropped back a bit and you where behind me so I thought she was talking to you" I said,

"No I was first off the plane Paul and the security guards where behind you"

"Oh god, we have all her clothes and her guitar and keyboard"

"Wait who is Isabella?" Eleanor asked,

"Oh a girl Louis meet on the plane" Harry informed her, and it didnt sound so right because Eleanor turned,

"No not like that, thats what I forgot to tell you, Do you have a relative in Australia?" I asked as her expression dropped from kind of angry to a more understanding look,

"Not that I know of why?" she asked kind of confused,

"well when we where on the plane a flight attendant called a girl up to the front who's name was Isabella Calder" Liam butted in,

"oh thats weird" she said laughing,

"So when do you need to be back?" I asked turning to Eleanor,

"Oh soon, we have someone coming over or something" she said

"So do you want us to drop you off on the way home and we can spend all of tomorrow together or something" I asked her,

"Yea thats probably better" She said smiling.


After that we just talked about how Australia was and everything about it.


*Isabella's POV*

After a quiet car ride we pulled up outside of a pretty big house, We started walking up to the door as he tried to started up another conversation,

"Well ill call the airline tomorrow to see what has happened with your luggage but for now you can borrow some of Eleanor's clothes, So how do you like the place?" he said pulling out his keys and opening the door,

"Its ok" I said walking in and wandering around, as I walked in there was a study off to the left, the living room on my right a staircase leading to some more rooms and the kitchen was further down as far as I could see, just as I went to take another step a dog came running up to me,

"Thats pepper" my dad said, "Hes a Cairn Terrier"

He was so adorable, after kneeling down to pat him I followed my dad into the kitchen,

"well your room is up the stairs second door on the right, Eleanor's is first on the right you can go pick out some clothes if you want and the bathroom is the last door on the left"

"ok" Was all I said before wondering off back to the entrance of the house where I started to climb the stairs before the front door came flying open,

"Dad Im home" a girl shouted out as I heard a group of laughter behind her, thats when she stopped and saw me,

"who are you?" she asked, as my dad came in,

"Oh Eleanor, God your home, this is Isabella she is your step-sister" he said looking at her,

"I already said this she isnt my sister" I said turning walking back up stairs as I heard my dad explaining everything to my sister and whoever else was here,


I found my room easily but didnt really feel like changing for now, my clothes where comfortable so I decided I would go back downstairs to find something to eat, I made my way downstairs walking into the kitchen where I heard a lot of talking,

"Is there anything to-" I started before I noticed who was here,

"Isabella?" Louis asked as shocked as me,

"Oh thank god does that mean you have my stuff? Please tell me you do"

"Yea its in the van, Come on Ill help you get it?" He said getting up and leading me to the car.


"So your Eleanor's new sister?" He said as we started getting my stuff out of the car,

"She is not my sister" I said trying to to sound as harsh as I did before,

"Why don't you like her she is really sweet?" he said handing me my guitar and suitcase while he carried my keyboard in,

"Its not that I hate her, well it kind of is, but she isn't my sister and well actually I don't want to drop my life story on you, just get over it ok?"

"Look if you need to talk Im here"

"Im fine ok, just leave it alone" I said climbing the stairs with Louis behind me, We made it to my room where we placed my keyboard and guitar on my bed and my suitcase on the ground next to my cupboard,

"Um thanks you can go hang out with the others now, Im gonna stay here" I said sitting on the end of my bed as he left the room. I grabbed out my guitar which did not have a scratch on it thank god, I didn't really know what to play so I started going through the playlist on my phone and found my favorite song it was Love me for me by Cher Lloyd..


*Liam's POV*

Louis returned after helping Isabella with her stuff,

"Where is Isabella?" I asked,

"Oh she isnt joining us she wanted to stay upstairs" he replied sitting next to Eleanor placing his arm around her,

"Is she ok?"

"I don't know I still think she is getting over the move" he said,

"I dont think its the move" her dad said turning around and joining the conversation,

"What do you mean?" Harry asked knowing we where all thinking the same thing,

"Oh I don't think its my story to tell so if you want you could go ask her, but I think she would rather me not say anything" he said going back to what he was doing,

Thats when Harry started to head towards the front of the house, my guess is he was going to see Isabella he is always noisy wanting to know everything.




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