Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


6. London

*Harry's POV*

I could see she was kind of opening up to me but shes been through a lot especially not having her dad around and not knowing her mum. I was really interested in her she was different but a good different, it wasn't going to be easy because as I have seen earlier she isn't good with opening up to people but I would like to get to her and her past.

"So are we going to sit here and freeze or would you like to talk?" I said slowly, since I didnt want to rush her or feel forced into telling me stuff that would upset her, "You know about what that whole kitchen catastrophe was about" She just looked up at me placing her guitar on the ground next to her and looking down,

"Well the thing is I don't like to talk about it especially with people I hardly know ive only told my story once because I had to but its confidential so yea" she said shyly brushing some of her blonde hair behind her ear,

"You said you where a foster child right? well what about your foster parents wouldn't you have to tell them?"

"Nah when they come in they kind of specify what kind of kid they want then they are given a information on kids that best suit there description so they can choose, so the only person i told about my past is my social worker the lady who puts me into foster homes,  her names Vicky but since my dad has full custody over me now we don't talk she was like my best friend, but she probably has a new foster child to take care of now" She said letting out a sigh, just when I was going to ask her another question someone opened the sliding door and Isabella hugged her knees squeezing back into the corner,

"Hey Hazza we gotta go" Louis shouted not knowing where I was,

"Ok ill be there in a sec" I said as if looked over my way, I waved at him and he went back in side,

"Well you have to go and Im hungry so I guess we gotta go back inside" She said grabbing her guitar,

"You want me to take you out, I can take you back to our hotel or we can go for a walk and find a place" I said standing and reaching out my hand to help her up,

"Look im fine I would much rather grab a sandwich and go back to my room" She said picking herself up and walking back inside. Just as I feel like shes opening up she shys away again I don't get it.


*Isabella's POV*

I walked over to the door opening it as there was no one in the kitchen anymore Harry followed behind me as I walked through the living room to the front room where the guys where waiting for Harry,

"Isabella the guys and I are going out to dinner and we wanted to know if you wanted to come?" Eleanor asked trying to be friendly but I could see dad was forcing her to be nice,

"No I want to go to my room and play" I said turning away when someone grabbed my arm,

"No your coming with us" Harry said turning me around,

"Yea so we can get to know you" Liam said trying to get me to come along,

"Theres not much to know my names Isabella, im 17 with blonde hair ok bye now" I said walking back to the stairs,

"No Isabella your going out, you can explore London Im sure they wouldn't mind showing you around" My dad said, I just rolled my eyes he was really annoying me now,

"Can I at least change?" I said turning around to face him,

"Yes but quickly, now go" he said pointing up the stairs,

"Whatever" I said running up the stairs, finding my room I place my guitar in the case and grabbed out Crewneck two tone t-shirt, Vega shirts studded cut offs chucking on my grey vans with my black raybans leaving my hair down. I walked out of my room closing the door behind me, I got downstairs when I herad a car horn honking at me,

"Honey there all in the car, Have fun see you later, Love you" He said as I walked out the door and found everyone in the car ready to go there was Eleanor, Louis and Zayn in the back Liam and Niall in the next row so I had to sit next to Harry as I got in the van took off and everyone was having there own little conversations until Liam turned to me,

"So Isabella How is London so far?" He asked smiling,

"Ok but I much rather Australia" I said staring out the window,

"So, Uh your 17 the youngest in the car" I went to speak but as I opened my mouth the answer Eleanor said something,

"Nope Im the youngest" Eleanor said joining in the conversation,

"What so your the first born?" Louis asked,

"Guilty" I said raising my hand,

"So why did he leave you when he knew you didn't have anyone to take care of you when had your mum?" he said pointing to Eleanor,

"I don't know but then again I don't know half the shit that goes on in his brain" I said looking back out the window, "What so where are we going to eat, Im hungry?" I asked rubbing my stomach,

"Well Niall can answer that, Can't you Niall?" Harry said looking at him,

"NANDO'S" He shouted raising his hands in the air,

"Yum, I love Nando's"

"Really?" Harry asked surprised,

"Yea whenever I moved my first priority was to memorise the route to the closet Nando's" I said laughing,

"I like you style" Niall said holding his hand out as I high fived him, After that I stared out the window as the others kept talking. I zoned out taking in my new surroundings, like I said before I like Australia it is my home country after all but I guess I have to get used to London.



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