Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


10. Interview

*Louis's POV*

As we jumped into my car to head back there was something weird about him.

"Whats up with you? You where all jumpy when we got onto the subject of Isabella and now your like in Another World" I said smirking proudly at what I just said,

"Uh just thinking sorry mate" he said starring off out the window,

"So what happened last night like why did you walk off?" I asked,

"Oh Issie and i kind of had a fight as we got out of the car, but that was fixed last night so its all good now" he said turning to me with a re-assuring smile,

"Sooo, nothing happened?" I said winking and smiling,

"Of course not Lou I just met her, plus nothing is going on between us we are just friends"

"ok what ever you say Hazza" I said focusing on the road, the rest of the ride wasnt really interesting a small chat every now and then but nothing important, but he was still acting weird and I couldn't quite guess why yet.


*Isabella's POV*

I didn't sleep that long, I don't know why but I kept waking up and every time I tried to go back to sleep I couldn't and if I did it onl lasted a couple of minutes before I woke up again. After a while i gave up still in my outfit from the other night I jumped in the shower quickly washing off and doing my hair before getting out and drying off. Since I was most likely going to have a lazy day I put on some grey trackies and a black singlet with some black ugg boots. I made my way downstairs letting my hair naturally dry, and while walking through the living room I saw a shadow in the kitchen, I slowly walked in realising it was just Eleanor,

"Um Hi, so uh do you know where the bread is I might make a sandwich Im quite hungry" I said sitting down at the bench in the middle of the kitchen,

"uh here just have this one, I can make another one" she said smiling and handing me her plate,

"No its ok, I can make my own I just need to know where stuff is" I said getting a new plate from the drying rack and wiping it with a tea towel,

"Just take the sandwich" She said giving me her plate again,

"Are you sure?" I asked,

"Yes im 100% sure" she replied as I took a seat at the table,

"Well thank you" I said taking a bit it was really quite nice,

"It's ok" she smiled as she came and sat down near me,

"So Im guessing you couldn't sleep since you where only up there like half an hour and the car ride was about 20 minutes" she asked creating small talk,

"Yea I don't know why though, usually I sleep whenever I get the chance"

"Well its kind of a good thing, the boys have an interview then they have to head down to the studio and Louis asked if I wanted to go but I couldn't cause dad said to wait here with you but if I call him now we might be able to meet them there, well if you want?" She asked,

"Um well if where not getting in the way of anything It might be fun" I said shrugging,

"It is heaps of fun, so you get changed and Ill call Lou" she said standing up,

"Quickly" she said rushing up the stairs to her room, I could hear her on the phone already, Well since she made the sandwiches I guess ill clean up. I grabbed our plates brushing the leftover scraps in the bin and washing the plates then placing them on the dry rack.


After  I changed into a long black rosanna singlet with deep cut armholes, high-waisted cream bow front lace shorts overlapping the singlet with black sealed heel stiletto's and a bowler hat since i left my hair out, I also had my black shoulder strap bag. (if you want to see what it looks like type this in its the pic of the girl on the stairs, http://www.polyvore.com/layers/set?id=53272947), I made my way downstairs and saw El sitting on the couch in the living room wearing a long soft green wool jumper, brown soft cotton chino hotpants with turn up hems, with matching brown krush peep toe ankle boots (El's outfit, http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_49/set?id=54819317),

"you look amazing and I calle dup Lou they just got there and its not far so we should be there in no time" She said standing up and pulling her car keys out of her bag, "So lets go" she said walking out the door as I followed her locking the door behind us, I jumped in her car as she turned on the radio backing out of the drive-war,

"So what is Australia like?" El asked focusing on the road,

"Its amazing warm, sunny, greeny beautiful, by the way i might need to get seom warmer clothes, ive been told it gets pretty chilly here"

"Thats right well we can go shopping tomorrow if you want" she asked,

"that was be great" I said smiling,

"So since your older you must be finished school right?"

"Uh no, are you?"

"Yea Im done how are you not finished?" She asked looking at me quickly then returning her focus to the road,

"well moving around is hard enough but trying to keep up with school is harder since every year I had to change it was hard because some schools are in front of others, I would go from being in front of the rest of the class to being really far behind to being on the same topic and then behind again"

"That sucks",

"It gets worse in year 10, when I was about 15 new school I kind of mixed in with the wrong group of kids, gave up on school start ditching, missed so much school I had to stay back and re-do that year thats why Im still in year 11"I stated,

"So you still have like a year an a half to go, I would hate to be you" she laughed,

"Thanks, well I hate being me as well so what can you do" I shrugged, after talking and getting to know each other quite a bit we finally pulled into the studio where the tv interview was happening, it seemed so short,

"Well here we are, ill text Lou and hell get someone to come get us" she had parked around back following Lou's instructions and soon enough som big tall guy came out,

"Eleanor, Nice to see your bubbly face again, Who's your friend?" he asked looking into the window,

"Hi Paul, Actually this is my step-sister" she said smiling,

"I didn't know you had a sister" he said looking confused,

"Don't worry I only found out yesterday same with Isabella" she said as she turned to me,

"Isabella this is Paul, he is the boys bodyguard, Paul this is Isabella" she said as I waved,

"Nice ot meet you Isabella, Well El you know what to do drive on in and Ill see you in there" he said as he waved to the security guard working the gates, we drve in parked then I followed El into the studies when we got backstage We where shown where to stand as we watched on from the side. It was quite packed mostly girls, of course but Lou looked in our direction and El smiled waving to him, then the others looked over to see what Louis was looking at they all smiled when they spotted us and I joined in waving at them. Soon enough the interviewer looked over and saw up,

"Well it looks like we have some special guests, boys care to bring them out?" He asked them and Louis had no trouble getting up, grabbing El and running back to his seat as El sat on his lap, I really didn't want to go out there so I stayed where I was told,

"Eleanor right?" the interviewers asked,

"Yep" she smiled,

"Well, its been a long time, what have you been up to?" he asked,

"It has" she laughed, "Well, not much actually, just hanging out with the boys, Oh and with my new sister" that got the crowd questioning what she meant and the same with the interviewer,

"What do you mean sister?" he asked,

"Turns out I have a step-sister who was living in Australia but she flew over yesterday and we have been hanging out her, me and the guys"

"Exciting" he cheered,

"Very" she said laughing,

"So when do we get to meet her?" he asked,

"Well she is here" she said pointing at me as everyones heads shot over in my direction.


*Harry's POV*

Not long into our tv interview I caught Louis smiling like crazy over to the side, so the boys and I looked to see what he was looking at turns out El and Issia did show up, both looking amazing but I must say Isabella looked... WOW. soon the interviewer called them over but only El came and when El pointed her out not long after she was waving her arms across the front of her chest frantically,

"Just a moment" I said getting up and running over to her, grabbing her hand,

"No, No way Im not going out there" she said quickly freeing her hand from my grip,

"Come on its fun just laugh and answer some questiong but nothing to personal, oh and look pretty for the camera but you have that one checked off" he said winking as I laughed. He finally dragged me on set but I stood awkwardly off to the side since there was no room on the couch,

"So you Eleanor's step-sister and your name is?" the interviewers asked,

"Im Isabella" I said waving a bit,

"Is it just me or is her aussie accent really strong" he laughed as I heard a couple mumbled yes's from around the audience,

"So any crushes between you and the boys?" he asked winking as the audience where pretty much on the edge of there sits, I held back a laugh but I could he was serious.


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