Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


7. Hide and Go Seek?

When we got to Nando's I was completely lost in my own world when I saw a hand waving in front of my face. I turned to see it was Harry,

"Hey where here the others are already inside, you ok you where quiet like the entire ride?" he asked but truthfully I completely forgot what I was doing I kind of just lost myself,

"Yea im fine lets go eat" I said jumping out of the van as he grabbed my hand quickly,

"Wait I wanna ask you something" he said without turning his head, my eyes just widened but I answered him quickly,

"Uh sure what is it?" I said,

"I was wondering, well back in the garden you where kind of opening up to me like you weren't hiding anything and then you just, i don't know like barricaded yourself back up, i guess I was wondering if its just me or do you do that to everyone?" he said looking to me then to the ground,

"Why do you need to know so much, about me about everything?" I replied, he just kept asking me questions after being hidden in the back im now center of attention and its not fun,

"Look I just want to help" he said looking at me,

"I didn't ask for any so drop it ok" I said my voice a bit louder then I wanted, I turned walking away from him and into Nando's, as I closed the door I looked back seeing him sitting there in the car he looked up then back down as he stood up and walked off, I turned slowly and walked over to the table where everyone was sitting waving at me,

"Hey, uh wheres Harry?" Louis asked me after I sat beside Niall,

"Uh i don't know he went for a walk somewhere" I said as everyone looked at me,

"Where?" Liam asked,

"I don't know" I said shrugging my shoulders,

"Why?" Louis asked,

"I don't know" I replied again as everyone started to worry,

"You don't know much do you Izzy" Niall said laughing,

"Shut up" I said hitting him softly,

"ok so your saying he just walked off, what happened before that" he said looking at me suspiciously,

"Well, he was asking me a question and I kind of got a bit angry and walked away I said playing with my hands while looking down,

"I should go find him" he said grabbing his jumping, I let out a sigh before raising my hand still looking down,

"No, wait Ill get him" I said standing up, he sat back down smirking as I gave him a confused look,

"I was hoping you would say that"  he said pretending to get relaxed placing his hands behind his head leaning back, as I caught on I smiled reaching my hand out to him

"Well played Mr. Tomlinson" I said as he shook my hand. After that I made my way out of Nando's heading in the direction that I saw Harry go. Then again probably not well played sending an Aussie on a scavenger hunt in London to find a guy who grew up around these parts, he could be anywhere and for all I know is its getting dark and I could be heading to Mexico. I followed the path hoping to find something that would give me a type of clue but then I remembered im not playing treasure hunt. I got to a park that wasn't well lit at all and took a seat on the bench, and aren't I so lucky that I forgot to get any numbers from anyone before I went for a walk. It was now pretty dark and I was sitting on a park bench somewhere in London, well hopefully I was still in London.


I didn't want to walk anywhere because right now I knew I must still be around the Nando's somewhere but I forgot which way I came from, so my best hope right now is to stay put until someone calls. Soon enough someone did call but it wasn't my phone I looked around but couldn't see anything it was nearly midnight and very dark. I got up as I saw a small light in a tree opposite the bench I was sitting on, soon I heard a voice probably on the phone, but it was all mumbled as I got closer I realised it was a male voice. Who sits around in a tree at like 11:50 at night especially since it was freezing and me still being in my shorts and a loose off the shoulder shirt was not helping. When I was standing almost under the tree I started to see an outline of someone in the branches,

"Uh hello?" I asked, i don't get why I walked up to the person I always yell at the people in the horror movies telling them to run but I guess its just the heat of the moment that you want to know who it is or whats happening, After looking up for a bit someone jumped down from the branch they where sitting one.

"and what brought you here or did you just get lost?" the person asked,

"Well I was looking for som- Wait Harry is that you?" I said as my eyes adjusted and I saw his face properly,

"Yea" he said laughing, I swear I nearly hit him,

"How long have you been up there?"

"Longer then you have been here" he said,

"So i have been freezing my ass off down here and your sitting in the tree watching me" I said,

"Well kind of at first I didn't know you where here then I sayw something moving and you coughed and started mumbling to yourself"

"So why are you still out?" I asked why didn't he just go home,

"Same reason as you" he said laughing a bit embarrassed,

"You mean your lost, you live around here how can you be lost" I said,

"I don't know but I guess where spending the night here until I can read the street signs and get us home" he said smiling,

"Don't get any ides, now how comfy was that tree cause the bench is going to be the death of me soon"

"and we wouldn't want that would we" he said laughing,"anyway its quite comfy and easy to climb, after you" he said showing me the way. After we both got up we started chatting about random things like how Australia was, they all thought it was a very layed back, relaxing country which it is.

"Look im sorry about before but I really do want to help you since you will be living with the guy don't you think you should try and work this out" he said,

"I know your just trying to help Im sorry about snapping at before" i replied looking back at him seeing him starting at me, "its just your the first and well I hardly know you, so I don't really want to just blurt everything out and leave you with the scrap" I said hoping he would understand,

"I wouldn't have asked if I didn't know what I was getting myself into, I really want to help you because you should enjoy now and you can't when your always trying to be angry at someone" he said getting up and moving slowly over to the branch I was on, sitting next to me.

"So why so harsh to your dad? You can't still be mad at him" he said looking at me sympathetically,

"Im not... well not as much as I use to be, like I will forgive him not completely but enough to live with him without having a screaming match every two seconds" I said looking down,

"why haven't you then?" he asked,

"He hasn't given me a reason too" I said looking at me he just looked down I knew he was confused, "look if your gonna help me properly you need to know the whole story" I said as he looked up smiling I took a deep breathe then out it all came...

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