Who Knew it Could Happen to Me?

Isabella (iizzii) is a 17 yr old Foster Child, or was until her dad decides he wants her to come back and live with him, since he is back on his feet. What will happen when she decides she can't trust him again and walks out.

(Not based on fact because i have made Eleanor younger and I have given her a sister so yea don't hate I know all the facts and that these a wrong but its fan fiction so not everything is based on fact)


12. Dating

This time the interview didn't go for as long or well it didn't feel as long, and this time i stayed behind the camera thankfully, anyway half way through the interview Paul got a call and had to leave for a bit cause it was a bit to loud, I pretty much hid behind Paul so when he left I was pretty much exposed but he wasn't gone for long by the time he got back the boys where nearly done, and when everyone said goodbye we started to head out,

"Boys, i got a call from Simon, he needs to meet with you now at the studio, i don't know how long its going to be so Im sorry but El, Issie I don't think you guys will be able to join us this time" he told us,

"It's ok i think ive had enough for one day i still need to settle in anyway, but thanks for letting me join you guys i have to admit i had lots of fun" I said letting around at each of them,

"Yea we should be getting home" El expressed backing me up,

"Well im glad we could make your first official day in London enjoyable" Liam said smiling at me non-stop,

"Its only like 9 or 10 in the morning but im sure the rest of the day will be as good as this morning" I smiled back,

"Well boys time to go, say goodbye" he said waving and walking off to the car, Louis grabbed El lifting her and spinning her around as i got a hug from each of the boys with Harry letting go leaving is arm around my waist,

"Well girls if where free tonight we'll organise something but we got to go, bye loves" Harry said letting go as all the boys yelled goodbye before running off to there van pushing and shoving along the way, El and I made our way back to her car laughing the whole way.


"Well?" El asked breaking the silence of our car ride home,

"Uh well what?" i said, clearly confusion in my expression and voice,

"Whats with you and Harry?" she beamed,

"Nothing, what the heck gave you any idea there was something going on?"

"You guys where tweeting each other all these cute things and ever since last night when you two went missing you have been a bit closer, plus you guys are cute together" she smiled pulling into the driveway.

"Ok stop there, there is nothing going on were just friends and thats the same with all the boys in case you where wondering" I said jumping out of the car slamming the door closed behind me before making my way up to the door.


*Harry's P.O.V*


We all piled into the van on our way over to the studio to see simon they were all still going on about the interviews but i pulled out my phone jumping on to Twitter, surprised at some or should i say most of the stuff i found on there!

"@Harry_Styles Whos the new chick???"

"Whats going on between @Harry_Styles and @Issie_C"

Some where a bit crazy, we have tweeted what six things to each other and they already think we are going out.

"Guys just to set things straight i have only known @Issie_C a day we are friends nothing more! Please stop with the tweets" I wrote sending it then getting on to Issie's profile about to start a tweet,

"Hey Harry, twitter it blowing up with pictures of you and Issie from early in the morning to the interviews, the directioners think your dating" Liam advised me,

"Yea i know, you share a couple of tweets with someone and get pictured together and your apparently dating, last time i checked you had to ask them out first" I sighed,

"Wait so you like her?" Louis jumped, shifting in his seat while nudging me,

"No i was just saying you need to ask someone out before you can be dating" I tried to cover up nervously,

"Dont lie to me  Hazza" he said pointing at me with with a sassy look,

"Ok maybe a little bit" I said making a short space in between my thumb and index finger.

"Aaaw Harry's got a little crush!!" he smiled as i felt my cheeks burn up a bit,

'HE'S BLUSHING" I heard Niall's thick accent laugh, I jumped back onto my phone writing to Issie,

@Harry_Styles: @Issie_C Just thought I would let you know we are apparently dating! :P" i said before placing my phone in my pocket.


* Issie's P.O.V *


I sat in my room with my keyboard out while i flicked through twitter, feeling guilty for going off at El she didnt deserve it but ill go down later and apologise. As i flicked through i found i had bunch of new followers and a lot of crazy mentions people think Harry and I are DATING? i was juust about to message Harry when my phone beeped and my mentions button turned blue, Harry tweeted me!

@Harry_Styles: @Issie_C Just thought I would let you know we are apparently dating! :P" idiot! was all i could think,

@Issie_C: @Harry_Styles oh i saw but your so sweet for letting me know :)" i replied when my phone beeped almost immediately,

@Harry_Styles: @Issie_C well you are my 'girlfriend'!! ;)" 

@Issie_C: @Harry_Styles That makes sense!!! hahaha"

@Harry_Styles: @Issie_C Gotta go where about to walk into the studio, so are we all still going out tonight??" he asked, but i seriously wasnt sure i had completely forgot about him asking,

@Issie_C: @Harry_Styles Um not sure ill talk with El abut it and get back to ya!! Have fun rockin out! Love Ya Babe :P" i replied before dropping my phone onto the bed and changing into some comfy trackies and singlet chucking on my uggies then heading downstairs.


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