My imagination

It a story about a girl named Emma and what happens in her head.
I wrote this for the Other worlds competition. The firts two chapters may be a little boring but it gets better later. Please comment and tell me what you whink1


4. What next?

- Ok, but why do you need me?
- You have to fight in a battle and win your people again. You and a few others have to fight to win what you've lost.
- And when is that battle? - I asked.
- Tomorrow.
What? I was shocked! I didn't have time to prepare! What if I fail?
- It can't be tomorrow! I need time to prepare! I am not exactly the most athletic person!
- Don't worry, you'll be fine. As long as you have your brain with you.
- If you say so.
I still wasn't relieved. I mean how can anyone be. Some guy comes to you in an empty room and takes you to some place, which you don't know at all, and he tells you there is a battle where you have to fight with some other people. And by the way - your stories kill people. Not exactly my idea for relaxing.
- Come and meet the others. - he interrupted. Then he took me inside the village, in a round space where everyone had gathered around a fire.
- This is Nicky. - the men pointed to a tall girl with black eyes and really long blond hair filled with curles. - And this is Danny. - The men pointed to a boy with brown messy hair and grass green eyes. Then he told them to come and introduce themselves.
- Hello, I am Nicky. And what's your name?
- I'm Emma. Are you fighting with me tommorow?
- Yeah, we are. A nasty task, but that's our only chance. - Danny answered instead of her. - My dream was to be a writer, but they say I am too brutal. So I have to fight tommorow.
- Danny, I don't think she cares about your lifetime story. - Nicky said. - Do you wanna come and eat with us? Today we have chips, it's delicious!
- Sure.
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